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Are you a dog being wagged by its tail? Most are.

Know By Realization in Social Dynamic

Social Dynamic

466px-yin_yangIn the yin and yang symbol though it acknowledged duality and there is clearly a dark half and a light half, is it not a circle? And the circles in the two sides.  At the heart of yin, yang.  The heart of yang, yin. In Native American cultures they had young men who wanted to do female work. Can you guess what they did in the young men’s case?

I’m guessing they didn’t force a gun on them like we do? They didn’t. They acknowledge that spirits can be different, and this young man who wanted to be that, was allowed to be that. They had a high regard for such people.

In Norse culture they believed in magic. Practices that could influence events but not directly were considered female like intuition is today. In their culture it was derided if a man practiced sieder, roughly fate spinning. Men who seem to have a predilection for “non-masculine” stuff have been around quite a while and weren’t all treated the same, but how do we treat them now?

Like outcasts. Yes. I would say there are yin males and yin females. Maybe more yin females than males, and there are yang males and yang females, though maybe more males than females.  What’s unnatural about this? People seek unity, but won’t allow the unity that is there to be.

It is a spectrum, and there is a heart of yang in yin. So a yin male might be aggressive.  He might be in a sense masculine though he still doesn’t behave in the yang way. A yang female might be very feminine, maybe just very active and outgoing and busy. What’s wrong with this? How is it unnatural? Why do we effectively punish these people?

Nothing, but we love to put labels on it and the label is the punishment. Well, here is the thing. Again there is a difference between cognition or thinking, and recognition or realization.  Cognition isn’t wrong, but what we learn by a process of realization is far more trustworthy than even our best thinking, is it not? We are here. We do have a self, but can we learn about it by thinking? We didn’t create ourselves. No instruction manual. We aren’t the product of engineering, but we are real aren’t we?

Does the thinking lead us to it at all, or does it simply fill in time between the ‘aha’ moments? Oh, it can indirectly lead us to it. Where we direct our thinking is where we are directing our awareness also, but it isn’t by that thinking that realization will come. You can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind that you became aware of it in.

Realization is what allows humans to progress (i.e. inventing of the wheel etc.)? Yes, many inventors report that. But regarding self, and regarding really others as well, you can’t know yourself or anyone else in the same state of mind that solves problems.

People are not set things. No calculation can reveal a man or woman’s depths, but they are there and we know them by reflection. By realization. We somehow lost the skill, but it’s easily recoverable. I was listening to a comedian recently who was talking about his little boy. A child might say “Mommy, Daddy, look at that person, they’re fat”.  But is that insult? Is the child judging or mocking anyone?

No, an observation until the parent gets upset and the child feels bad. We aren’t supposed to say what we think about others. It‘s ingrained, and we feel embarrassed if the other person looks embarrassed. We teach them that it’s not okay to see people and accept what you see. We teach our children and we’re taught ourselves that we can’t really see the world. We have to see problems and be responsible. How many self descriptors are nothing more than lists of problems? What’s the point of that? Like being gay, why do we have to say that? If a man is attracted to his own sex, why do we make it a problem? Does who Elton John sleeps with mean anything at all to me? Is he my problem? He’s quite talented, and made a big and positive impact on the world yet people still dwell on a meaningless judgement. Michael Jackson was not convicted of child molestation if I recall, but yes he was, just not as any act of justice.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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