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It would be much more honest to say, ‘See you yesterday.’ For most, it’s what they see.

Accept Diversity in Social Dynamic

Social Dynamic

We won’t see unity in the world until diversity is accepted. We won’t have unity by blurring and denying duality. We won’t create enlightenment by declaring we know better than our senses, like we were some self stamped coin that we are trading in for a better bill. We are one because we are part of this. I am me, and you are you, but we are here and duality is fine. My toes aren’t my fingers, but I’m still me. It’s no sin to realize yourself. It is even adopted in street lingo ”Keeping it real“. Is anyone keeping it real? Can we? Perhaps this is one of those things that’s so simple it isn’t easy, but rather than judge how enlightened anyone is, maybe just see that their enlightenment is yours too. They’re just showing it to you. What would life be like then?

Would anyone be confused about who they are, or their purpose in life? Feel badly about not living up to their potential? Maybe life itself is its own purpose and its own potential, and our only ‘should’ is what we are already doing. Living our lives, expressing ourselves, and with realization expressing ourselves in our lives more clearly. If we were all very clear about who we are, what would life be like? So yes, social is good and limited social is good. If life is being lived that’s good. Know yourself and you can help the balance.

We are naturally social as primates aren’t we? We are, and much of our antisocial behaviour arises from conditioning, if not all.

We are taught to avoid people. Yes, and that’s a serious disservice. Because though no one is being honest about it, we are taught to avoid people because it’s how we avoid ourselves.

I often wonder about people that have no family, but have a house full of pets. So many that they can’t afford to care for them all. They have a family, but they are over compensating, and is why our natural spirit becomes an over exaggerated role. This is how we go from yin to actual darkness, from yang to holy blood shedding crusader. I don’t know about you, but spiritually I like to sit and rest for a while.  Actually look around. I may rest in the yin side or the yang, but the territory is the territory and the territory is you. Why can’t we let it be? Maybe enjoy the park rather than race off because for some reason we have to be elsewhere? It is, and thus we get to balance. We all know aggressive people and passive people, and we have opinions about that. I myself used to sit with some of the most aggressive kids in my high school. They never once hurt me. If anything they were rather adamant that I not be hurt, and I have run afoul of the most well meaning “only trying to help” types.

Aggressive ones often admire someone for accepting them. Yes. When you say “This is me, I am yin” or “I am yang”, not from any limiting sense but just as realization, recognition, then you can honestly ask and learn, and be at peace with “who are you?”. Does this idea of mine provoke distress? Disharmony? Any lack of unity?

Parting advice, don’t try to be everything. Just be you. You’re already a part of everything anyway.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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