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Synchronicity Brains in Synchronicity


Synchronicity is in a way very simple. It’s an observation that events in consciousness and events in the material world tend to synchronize similar to the observer phenomenon in science. Essentially it’s the identity of the event with the thought or state of being.

There is an interesting correspondence, you cannot imagine something that has literally no basis in reality. It’s not psychologically possible. The connection between mind and world is obvious in a lot of ways, and on a lot of levels. Can you do a thing without having it occur to you in consciousness on some level first? Even if it’s just a weird mood emerging from your subconscious? I will say it really isn’t possible. Synchronicity becomes evident when you view events and experience as a whole.

But don’t we still need to twist it some to get it into the view of consciousness? Well, no not really. This is perhaps where it gets interesting. Synchronicity arises from events in consciousness, dreams, fantasies, any imagination, but it’s sort of public domain. It is sort of conscious for itself in a way.

Which comes first, the part in the mind or the part in the world? The part in the mind. We give too little credit to natural processes.

Like the hand sending signals to the brain before moving? Yes, in a way. As a matter of fact, the identification of the brain as the impulse generating center hasn’t been proven. It seems more likely that we have a more holistic consciousness. The enteric nerve plexus or stomach brain, and the cardiac nerve plexus or heart brain are only a little less complex than our brain itself, and seem to send as much as they receive signals. Many of the elements in consciousness, in synchronistic events, arise more from those “primitive” brains than they do with our “thinking” brain.

It’s like the world itself has three levels of existence, much as the Kahunas said. The stomach brain is the lower self, it understands the very visceral, survival and reproduction, conflict and defense. On that level and when it’s active, you have synchronistic events that seem very animal, very tooth and claw.

Those gut feelings we have are really in the gut, and we don’t often listen to those feelings? Yes, the enteric nerve plexus has been shown to respond to “psychological input”.

True and false? Yes, and that’s about all. True and false, action and rest. This is why so many people seem to be black and white thinkers. They are conditioned that their job is to do, to labour and struggle. This puts you very much in the stomach brain.

Cause of ulcers?
Is that all part of the survival instinct?

This is why they say you have to ‘feel it’, you are actually activating your stomach or heart brains?  Yes, on all points.

Labour to feed the family? Yes, family unit care is partially on that level.

What is an example of a synchronicity on the level of the stomach brain? An example of a synchronicity on that level would be perceiving your boss as a threat to your livelihood. Though you won’t confront your boss, that seeing boss as threat is still an event. It causes a chain of events both internal and external, and though you did nothing literally wrong you come to odds with your boss. They become an actual threat.

Or a “I’m hungry, need food“, and something to do with food arises seemingly external? Yes, but in fact with the concept of synchronicity you realize that the idea of external isn’t really true.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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