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The system of ‘should’ doesn’t seem to have anyone who’s knowingly in charge. It’s sort of like a mental virus. Choice is power. Should is force and static.

Heart Synchronicity in Synchronicity


How do we change a thinking “skeme”? The way you change a thinking pattern is the same way you form one. It starts with no effort.  Just a notion like “I really enjoy cake“. As you have more experience with cake, you have more thoughts of cake. Eventually even if you don’t plan it, you will be sitting eating cake.

Synchronicity is why it seems like things “happen to you”. To paraphrase the lament of Job from the Bible “Alas for the thing I have greatly feared has come to pass”. This is why you get butterflies in your gut when scared or anxious.

Now the heart brain is different. It was a modifier of the gut brain which is all tooth and claw. Do what you have to do. Now the communication between is often blocked. There is a serious agenda to sever those “lower” forms of consciousness. With the heart brain you begin to see the bigger picture. You see not only what will I eat, but what can my parent eat.  On the level of the heart brain, you see not only how can I be safe, but how can my herd be safe.  This is linked to the heart because more complex organisms had to ration energy. As they developed more adaptability, they had to consume more energy and use it more efficiently.

Heart says stomach is selfish go away? Only in humans. In ideal circumstances heart says to the mother lion, “Go eat, you have cubs to feed”. It makes and acknowledges connections.

Look what happens today in human mothers, they eat last. Yes, this is natural, or can be. I have even heard some say that they can’t settle their stomach until they know the kids have eaten and are ok. There is no war between these levels, it’s just how they mesh. Many empty nest parents have stomach upsets. A chronic issue there.

It can be good until it gets into the case of mothers always denying themselves? Ah, martyrdom doesn’t come till later. The heart brain is still very grounded.

So with just the heart and stomach and no head, would all be comfy? Well, perhaps if the deer in the woods are comfy.

An example of a heart synchronicity is a feeling of disinfestations. A sense of not being accepted by the herd, being disconnected. Events happen in that case that disconnect the person, from technological to unexplained prejudice. In the case of someone who feels disconnected, they trigger the “black sheep” construct in synchronicity, and it seems nothing likes them, not house pets or their possessions let alone people.

That person would feel like they have to act like a real black sheep in deed? Yes, indeed. Some synchronicities are very seriously recursive, and can be over-emphasized to the point the person is seen as a jinx. They have practiced attuning to that event so much that it takes on the quality of being a characteristic of them.

Charlie Brown comes to mind. Yes, that’s a good connection.

Is there an example of a heart synchronicity working in the form of deepening connections? Ah yes, and most of the spiritual Saints experience that. This is what people call miracles. They are so engaged with the world and the presence/presences they feel in it, that their belief manifests like divine providence. Now notice that you experience more heart synchronicities than stomach? More concern for your emotions than your instincts?

Yes, though it seems my emotions are connected to my stomach? That seeming is correct. The power flows up ideally, but here is where things get messy and we haven’t even gotten to the head yet. The stomach is the kahuna lower self, seat of desire. The heart is the middle self, seat of conscience and compassion, but we teach people that these are somehow at odds. So we have the good hearted sufferers and the animalistic survivors, and their lives tend to be defined almost entirely by either level. What if the two levels of consciousness linked? What would the power do? If your train of awareness went from instinct to conscience, rather then conscience confusing instinct?

Desire to help?
Powerful, it wouldn’t short circuit to ground then?

All true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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