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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Detant Breaker in Synchronicity


The third point was supposed to be the detant breaker. The brain in the head was supposed to allow complete perception. Each brain has a degree of memory. The stomach brain remembers what upsets it. Moods and distress. The heart remembers what engages it. What it connects to and how, and they can very naturally work at odds. But even in more “simple” creatures, the brain itself is there. It takes the content of experience and synthesizes it, making things intelligible reality. Before the brain everything is subjective, and it’s a very popular argument that everything is really subjective. This is convenient for our “doing” society.

To be objective is a state of being? Indeed it is, and the brain is no more noble than the heart or stomach, but it’s the higher self. Seat of “truth”.  In the case of those who have that subjective dominance, what are they most often asked? “Where’s your head at?” We aren’t taught to use our brains really. We aren’t taught that they are actually something we can be aware of and exercise like a muscle. But they work anyway, even if we aren’t working them.

We’re at our best when all those brains (stomach, heart, head) work in a balanced order? Yes.

In society today, we think we’ve been favouring the head, but really we haven’t? We have been training the head, but not knowing the head. It’s nature is lost on us as a society. Training the head to keep people chained to the gut. “Live by the gut.”

How do we know which is the right balance? Is it different for each person? It is different for each person, yes. Accepting your dominance is right and necessary, but neglecting any part isn’t in your best interest.

I think your key word for most of your talks is acceptance. Yes. Taoist say that all of the universes secrets will show themselves to the listening mind. This is true, and is in Indian and Sufi mysticism also.

Example of brain synchronicity? An example of a brain synchronicity we call precognition. Precognition is no amazing feat of perception. It’s an awareness of the mind events that create material events.

Like thinking of a person and they call? Yes. You were thinking of them because they were also thinking of you, and the contact was what you were both thinking about. It happens before it happens.

Allowing the brain to be objective does it balance the heart and stomach? If it’s allowed to be aware of the heart and stomach, which was its original state anyway.

I wonder if that Minority Report movie is not so far fetched then. The law being able to tap into that kind of stuff? It’s not far fetched even to the degree of error. Here is the thing. Stress an event and you distort it. Stress the viewer, and the event will be changed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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