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When a condition is at the stage of thought, you can change your mind. When it’s become a feeling, it impresses the environment, and when it’s become an action, you are then stuck with the consequences.

Gaia Brain in Synchronicity


Last month when I asked you why my synchronicities were happening at a faster rate, you explained that the ‘knots’ were being untied? Yes, synchronicities aren’t “only human”. It’s a stress letdown of the Gaia consciousness, and every couple of millennia it needs to reset. It is purging our input, the old stagnant stuff, and contacting us. It’s like the “wa” or spirit of place in feng shui, but it’s the spirit of everyplace humans are at right now, and it’s still in contact with the human collective unconscious.

The Gaia brain? Yes.  The brain beyond our brains, but in which we live.

It is like a network? Yes, and can even explain the Gaia brain synchronicities.

Gaia brain would be like a cohesive network brain for all entities? It’s the source brain for all stomach brains. Trees have a stomach brain type of awareness, and our instincts arise from the Gaia mind. Our instincts are becoming more pronounced. It’s becoming aware and “changing its mind”.

For those of us denying them it’s going to be a rough ride? Yes, just like internal conflict.  If you are at odds with the Gaia brain you are at odds with yourself, and it won’t stop sending messages.

Causing illness, etc? Yes, and illness is high despite our science. Now not all resistance is bad. The tensions of seeming opposition are a learning process. This is why we exist in this symbiosis, or we would never have incarnated here.

Does karma play into this anywhere? It is karma. They are identical, and thus karma isn’t punishment. It’s communication of the world to you and you to it, cause and effect, action and reaction, but you are in control of your part.

Learning and being the balance? We were to be the balance. The observant and regulatory factor.

We kind of messed that up, huh? Yes. We are the species that has the power to choose its relationship with any other species, and we are the dominant species because we are supposed to be. Synchronicity is the substance of your being. A cellular memory if you prefer the scientific term.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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