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We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

Trust The Intuitive Brain in Imagination


What can we do with this world of imagination? Well, literally everything you do is something you imagine you do. It is literally all in your head, but what you can do is center in the middle of the processes you don’t control.

The process of mind in your head is a rhythm, like your heart beat. Your senses, even your vision, has a pulse, and has its own automatic pattern or “circuit”. You can tell when that is in order or when it’s become drowned in psychological static. Same with your sense of sound. Your brain is always checking for sound, but it uses the same part that monitors your inner dialogue. You can tell when it’s your ears and when it’s your inner dialogue, again based on a quality of interference.

I’ve had a hard time grasping this “sit back and observe” stuff. You point out an important part of imagination. People try to get a grasp on mind processes and this creates the interference. The mind has a natural cycle, like the ocean tide, but your will pattern, your “learning”, can interface poorly with the brains natural cycles. So you try to fit the processes into a picture that never allowed for the processes in the first place. How well would that work?

That’s the static you mentioned? I know my power is locked up in that. Yes. It’s known in some circles as cognitive dissonance. It’s the “noise” created when the brains natural processes and its “thinking” don’t agree very well. You do have the potential for voluntary thought, but people mostly don’t. They have reactionary responses filtered through a screen of conditioning. They call this conditioning “education”. New research will inform teaching techniques. They have made huge strides, and they all can be summed up as, “Trust the intuitive brain.”

Actual relating to the nature of the mind is a bottom up affair. It can’t work very well the other way and just creates that noise. Though the communication between these levels is two way, your thinking does impact the natural imagination as well. It’s actually how we have volition and “goal set”. When you clear up the noise, anything you think about becomes a goal image for the minds natural processes, and it will quite naturally flag anything related to the object of your focus.

Seeing is not believing. People see much they don’t believe in. They don’t “notice” any of it, so for them it doesn’t functionally exist. It may have sounded hokey to you friends, but it’s still literally true. Believing is seeing, and well… You can tell what your actually beliefs are. Anything you chronically imagine is a belief. Simple, no?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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