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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Right Brain Priority in Awakened


So how do we reconcile our conscious mind and this insane god with that little spark of truth in us?

Metanoia is a process. The true mind is a hologram having two seeming different vectors. Two beams of light that merge to reveal the genuine image. We do not normally let them interact let alone try to make genuine sense of their content. Like insisting on paying billions of dollars for communication systems that literally no one is ever allowed to use.

The product, that actual form and coherence of the genuine mind, is isomorphic. Defined neither by the conscious mind nor the subconscious. Neither by our gift of rationalization nor by our primal impulses, but by the space created between the two. Can we create that space if we try to turn either of the channels off?

Perhaps the ‘isomorphic space’ is already there… and waiting for the “two beams” to illuminate it. It is indeed. We just have to start from the work area before we can really understand anything said about the destination.

Now in classes I have been advocating for the subconscious, the instinctive, the impulsive side of the mind, but my reason for that is not to glorify base instincts, nor to encourage their control. Control can come naturally.

The subconscious, the insane god mind, is less inhibited. Its perceptions overlay less noise. They have even tested this in the lab. The left hemisphere of the brain generates broad generalities. It is even responsible for confabulating a rationale for an experience you have no explanation for at all.

I wonder if “inhibition” is also an archetype… and also part of the sub-conscious mind, and also part of the insane god(ess). No, inhibition is conscious. Inhibition is explanation. No explanations = no inhibition. Can you hesitate to do something without a rationale to motivate that hesitation? Can you avoid doing something “just because”? Do you ever “just feel like” avoiding something?

Yes, subconsciously. Subconscious avoidance is not subconscious. The avoidance pattern is conscious. Your subconscious has a limited scope of attention and gives its attention really only to the approach response.

The notion of avoiding it would not arise.

Sometimes it’s uncertainty, other times it’s procrastination.

In split brain studies the right hemisphere is reliably more outgoing, impulsive, even aggressive. It doesn’t express doubt or fear. It expresses aggression and disgust, that’s it. Well, that’s it for anything like inhibition. It also has preferences and pleasure and joy.

How well does rationalization enhance your pleasure at anything? Does analyzing sexual experience make it more stimulating?

Aren’t pleasure and joy also ways to integrate experience? And to let us know who this “self” is? No. Integration is fearful. Integration feels like dying, like being struck by god.

I think that the left brain might be analyzing – and envious – of the right brain’s “joy.”

The right brain has proven in labs to be detail oriented. It doesn’t make up information about things it experiences. It innately applies Occam’s razor. This is why I advocate giving it higher priority than we normally do. As much as it may be filled with the noise of the passions, and just as capable of revelling in crass and disgusting behaviours that it will later regret and even grieve over, it’s in its domain that the information that allows integration emerges most clearly. This is why dreams can be so profoundly inspired and rational thought really never is.

Your brain tries to trigger metanoia all on its own. It’s a survival drive, but we inhibit it and interfere with the process because it feels threatening. It is disorienting.

Everyone familiar with the concept of kundalini?

Yes. The snake… The best theory I have heard on what it is and why it occurs, is that it’s the equivalent of an orgasm for your entire nervous system, a nervous collapse or let down response when the body and brain have had too much.

I’m ready for that! Maybe. You are likely not ready, because unlike orgasm it is not pleasant.

I am probably not, now that I ponder it. It would be more like the seizures I used to have. As tension builds in your consciousness, the two channels begin to create greater and greater dissonance in contrast to each other. Eventually the entire being experiences a slip, like the shifting of tectonic plates near a fault line, and the brain has to reconstitute itself. This is why perhaps they describe the awakened kundalini as union with god.

Surely, though, such an experience might open one up like a gate opens… Chaos or finding a new stability? Indeed, it does create a new stability, but the former ability to rationalize is completely compromised at least for a time. They may submerge that awareness later under societal pressure.

Metanoia? Yes this is basically metanoia. Ida and pingala coming to define the ultimate mystery at the godhead atop the sushumna.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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