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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Trust Your Affinity in Imagination


Now down to the use of all this imagination. Affinity. It’s another one of those natural mental processes.

As is often said, “The heart wants what the heart wants.” The heart being the core of the mind. It’s much like a natural environment in the outer world, like a forest. When you are in harmony with this inner natural mind, the mind “likes” things. It isn’t obsessive, that’s a thought trait. It just flags things as “true” or supportive. This is the essence of individual or subjective truth.

My mind liked that. Excellent. Trust that, and maybe free yourself from the obsessive thinking. Any thought that says, “This has to be so!” is obsession only. All awareness is in your imagination anyway.

So since you aren’t going to get outside of it, and it would not serve you to do this anyway, then better to trust your affinity. Your mind does have a limit to its energy, though its potential energy is much greater than most people have experience with. It manifests the body itself.

But yes, to get back on track, the mind cannot tell the difference between the vividly imagined and the sensed. So if you are rehearsing something in your head, if you are doing something in your head, that happens in the body the same way as if you literally did it. If you imagine violence, you set your body up to be ready for violence. If you imagine peace, you set your body up to remain calm.

The best actors in a very real sense “are” their roles. They have even done some new psychology research because there has been such a criticism of “superstition”. They have found those who have what they believe to be an empowering ritual, or item, or practice, out perform strict rationalists consistently.

The superstition person is in one way or another using their imagination more than the rationalist. In fact, it’s the rationalist who is “hair brained”. This coupled with the decreased incidence of stress related physical illness in “spiritual” types, and well… Even if it’s all made up, it’s a very functional adaptation.

I will wrap up with this, and you can test this for yourself. When your intention and imagination are in conflict, can you guess which wins? Imagination, and this is a universal truth. Whatever you would choose to do, imagine doing it and keep imagining this until you succeed. Embrace inner nature, and stretch those “imaginary” limbs.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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