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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Working with Synchronicity in Synchronicity


Knowing that all events start in one of my brains, if I have any event I don’t like (health or external etc.), I need to dig for the glitch in me? There is a conflict somewhere that’s in me? Yes, but here is where that gets confusing. “In you” isn’t in your ego. You are a world.

It is in one of my brains somewhere isn’t it (stomach, heart or head)? Yes.

An energy pattern internal to me? Yes. Some people fantasize about being able to control the world. It’s right at hand though they aren’t looking, and they don’t really want to do it. For example, I have noticed when I become truly neutral to something, it goes away. Events related to it, or any communication between me and it goes away. When I’m engaged with something positively or negatively, then it stays and plays the positive or negative role.

When a series of events is not what I want, is it helpful to understand which level of brain they are connected to? Yes, and you have to resolve it on that level.

Do that by focusing awareness on that level? Yes, the higher brains lower, or the lower brains higher.

I understand.  Directing my thought, which is my brain, to the heart or stomach? Well, you can direct feeling also. It’s a form of awareness.

I direct the feeling of stomach, heart, or brain to the center where the issue resides? Yes, or head your instincts.  Precognitive impulses or “spider sense” to use the comic book idea.

Is it useful to view them as; instinct = stomach, connection = heart, precognition = brain? Or ground, horizon, sky.  The first step is linking the event to instinct, connection, or precognition, and then putting the focus of all of them into that one brain creating the event.  In shamanism, it’s being present in that spirit tunnel. The levels are in a sense two dimensional. Meshed together, they are three dimensional.

A simple example.  Let’s say that for the life of me I can never find a place to park. Precognition, right? Yes, you likely already knew you couldn’t park there anyway.

Which is my heart feeling disconnected? Or my heart not feeling connected to it at least? It might be neutral? Yes, and without feeling, no energy is going there.

So I need to bring the power of my heart (connection) to my brain. Also, my stomach needs to say to the brain, “That spot is vital for your survival, need to park”? Feel the importance. Instinct kicks in when senses are alert.

Feel the survival nature of it (stomach), the connection to others that it brings (heart) and bring those energies to the brain? Be the animal, and the feeler, and the mind. Hunt the parking space. Much of shamanism comes from the gut, if not all.

The brain will kick in and say “Oh this must be important”, and then energy of brain goes out to event? And I park? Yes, and with little effort or struggle. You still have to do the parking, but you take the struggle out of it.

I know what you mean. Those moments feel like things just glide.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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