The great prophets were described as madmen.

Feeling Tired? in Health


The biggest complaint everyone has is the lack of energy. I hear it constantly. We as a culture are told to control ourselves. To subdue our feelings and motivations, and then wonder why we have no motivation. Energy doesn’t come from what we are supposed to do, that saps energy. We have to re-route energy to behave ourselves, behave as we are expected to, and we channel energy into work we don’t want to do which saps even more energy. Then channel energy into poorly founded relationships which consumes energy also. Like a short circuit it just bleeds us dry.

Our lack of energy isn’t a mystery. That ache we feel, those headaches, come from straining to do the unnatural, and then we go to church or something and strain to keep the faith. It makes me tired just thinking of it.  Yet it is amazing how everyone just accepts it as the way it is, but complain about the consequence. It is psycho.

Some aches and pains are from physical cause, but physical and metaphysical pain are the same. Physical pain and metaphysical pain are both the same pain. Let’s say you break your leg, and of course your leg aches. When does the chronic pain of that stop being just a physical thing, and start being linked to your state? Well, what was your state when you broke your leg? It’s that state that will create the broken leg, and likely enhances your suffering when convalescing.

Does every physical event have a cause in my spiritual state? The two realms are intimately connected. The spiritual is the guts of the physical. We all know people who never have, and seem like they never will suffer serious physical injury. Perhaps you’ve been fortunate and been without physical injury, would you say your state of awareness has had nothing to do with that?

Right now, my body is cold though my apartment is warm. My thinking is “cold” also. Yet people don’t see this connection either. My hands are shaking with suppressed rage. Now these could be seen as purely physical symptoms and medicine tends to do that. They would prescribe a tranquilizer, and I would be so zombied out I couldn’t effectively interact.

There are other elements involved, but even they have a spiritual background. You rise and fall according to the company you keep. If you enter areas of spiritual negativity or the company of one who is negative, you can have that impact you

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Greg Holdsworth

    Brilliant insight! If we remembered this more often we could take more responsibility for both states.

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