'Health' Chapter


Health is related to spirituality, the mind-body connection. Familiar with healing techniques, empathic healing? Linking and synching the ailing or injured person to a healthy state. It is merely my life’s blood. To me the composition of the human psyche is the “mysterious” thing. Physical pain and metaphysical pain are both the same pain.

The truth of physicality is the common sense of our culture, yet everyone ignores it as they busily manifest their spiritual wounds. Biological harmony can potentially arise from spiritual harmony. Meditation has been proven to do that.

Why do we strive? Do we strive from our natures, or do we strive from our ideas?

“I firmly believe that all human beings have access to extraordinary energies and powers. Judging from accounts of mystical experience, heightened creativity, or exceptional performance by athletes and artists, we harbor a greater life than we know. There we go beyond those limited and limiting patterns of body, emotions, volition, and understanding that have been keeping us in dry-dock. Instead we become available to our capacity for a larger life in body, mind, and spirit. In this state we know great torrents of delight.” Jean Houston

Feeling Tired?

The biggest complaint everyone has is the lack of energy. I hear it constantly. We as a culture are told to control ourselves. To subdue our feelings and motivations, and then wonder why we have no motivation. Energy doesn’t come… Seek More

Being Labeled

Symbolism and metaphors are too personal and individual to ever be understood by scientific processes, and they diagnose vivid ID imagery emerging to consciousness as psychosis. Then I was a psychotic infant, and why am I capable of coherent behaviour?… Seek More

Spiritual Wounds

The truth of physicality is the common sense of our culture, yet everyone ignores it as they busily manifest their spiritual wounds. Excess leading to the palace of wisdom, but that’s if you can get back. For many, wisdom is… Seek More

Spiritual is Animal

For me daily, my muscles behave as if I have done hard labour all day upon waking. I never seem relaxed, and for all intents and purposes I never am. I have a somatic instinct. My shape even seems to change… Seek More

Health and Spirituality

Health is related to spirituality, the mind-body connection. Like how laughter is healing or at least stabilizing. I have made some observations in life, and in my observation those who are truly happy tend to be very healthy.  Also, peoples… Seek More

Why do we Strive?

Some say the physical is dual, so we have to rise above the duality and become more spiritual. So the physical is profane? I find that people tend to trip over the idea of transcending the physical. It is confusing and… Seek More

Healing Energy

Energy healing is both very simple, and perhaps one of the most complicated subjects in this field. We live and breath in a field of reality. We are fed and feed into an ecosystem of energy. It is alive and… Seek More

Healing Connection

Perhaps less philosophical is therapeutic touch. Therapeutic touch has been found to reduce the nervous defence response. This is the biggest part of its healing benefit. They have done extensive studies on a phenomenon called biophilia. We inherently are comforted by life.… Seek More

Energy Alignment

We call some energies positive and others negative. What I would caution any healer is to not assume an energy is to be removed or rejected. There are those who, without choice and just by nature, are negative. This doesn’t… Seek More