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There isn’t a war. There is no war in spirit. There are those who are the agents of spirits wrath, and those who are the supporters of spirits peace, and they are not divided.

Healing Connection in Health


Perhaps less philosophical is therapeutic touch. Therapeutic touch has been found to reduce the nervous defence response. This is the biggest part of its healing benefit. They have done extensive studies on a phenomenon called biophilia. We inherently are comforted by life. Even loud noisy life, wild life, and more than life in general, we have the safety in numbers instinct. The sound of a human voice speaking calmly, calms, no matter who you are.

You have no choice but to be a part of the energy, and you never cease your connection. If hypothetically you could, you would die. Then you would be in for a shocking surprise, because you still wouldn’t disconnect. It’s the source of even new life and the destination of a mortal life lived. This is why we can feel the presence of ghosts. They didn’t go somewhere else in space. Like all energy, they just changed state.

So when you nurture hate you feed hate to others. When you foster peace inside, you calm others. The state of your energy is its impact on others. You need not attack them or even speak to them. Have you never felt someone who was nursing hatred, even if it wasn’t of you? If you did, did it support your personal energy or disrupt it?

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How does this relate to energy healing? The same way cutting a body relates to physical healing. In knowing how you harm, you can know how you can heal.

A peaceful person calms, do they not? In calming they also often empower, strengthen. There is a way to use energy healing. Ever notice when in an argument, if you calm yourself you can often calm the fight? Ego is like fuel to a fire, calm is like water to a fire. You can harm by fostering dissonance in yourself. It’s the basis of many black magic techniques, if not all of them.

What are the black magic techniques? Let’s explore that as even people jump the gun on that subject. They teach people about injury and disease first even in medicine. If someone seeks to invalidate me and if I nurture aggression, it triggers fight or flight and you don’t have to be aware of it. If I’m aware of it, I can focus that energy to trigger flight or fight in you. Being aware as I am, I can keep feeding the fire and it does burn. The fight or flight response will exhaust the target.

You do that by knowing what words trigger them? No. They need hear no words at all. The contact or connection is sufficient with the proper intent. Like unspoken psychological warfare, the suggestion need not even be direct. Now even that dark technique can be used to heal though. People tend to fall into dis-eased patterns from habit, even lose awareness of their distress. Using that dark technique, they can be made aware again, and in making them aware they can release it.

So back to the light. The same principle that leads to calming another in a fight, can be used for any energy healing at all. It just takes the awareness. Some people think the process doesn’t work because they calm themselves but the other doesn’t seem to calm. But I would ask, are they not affected at all?

Often the other is impacted by your energy, but are too stubborn to admit it? Actually no, and that prevents the energy healing. They are affected by the calming technique, but other distress is still there. With explorative empathy, you can often discover the underlying distress. Search your feelings in contact with that person, and you often need them to tell you nothing. Because by aligning with their feelings, you create the connection through which to heal. Healing takes emotional strength. Really, it just takes developed self awareness, but when you begin it will test your emotional strength.

So as you become aware of what actually ails them, you empower the right pattern in you. You find the love if they feel unloved. You find the sense of security if they feel unsafe. Like soothing a child. It needn’t be even that involved, but it goes further. You share the energy of the place and situation with them and can feel even their bodies energy.

Once you are aware you instinctually “know” how to heal their needs. It’s the awareness. It’s in that sense of the field that you find the way.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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