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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

Spiritual Wounds in Health


The truth of physicality is the common sense of our culture, yet everyone ignores it as they busily manifest their spiritual wounds. Excess leading to the palace of wisdom, but that’s if you can get back. For many, wisdom is the compensation for life as f#*&ed up.

You can say it’s this way for me for a variety of reasons, but when I see people I see these things. A male friend might comment on how good looking a female is. I see her hugging herself crying in a dark bedroom as she’s just been taken advantage of for the umpteenth time, and then overdosing on diet pills so it won’t be that way next time because she just isn’t pretty enough to be really loved. This is what I see when I see the hot girl.  It doesn’t exactly inspire lust.  I see a man who works out, middle class, has a lot of toys to brag about and is ready to drink himself to death. He has never felt truly loved and is on the verge of going ballistic, or just putting the gun in his mouth because guilt prevents him from hurting others as his testosterone fed rage makes him only want to die.  I don’t see strength.

They call me weak, because of how I have adapted and how I react. But others usually just stuff it back in until it manifests in cancer, stroke, heart attack. I often see the early signs of that. Men with strangely flushed faces or the eyes beginning to glaze over and not because they are unconfused.

Most medicine isn’t actually healing. The brain and the body are all one flesh. It isn’t complicated. Left body from right hemisphere, right hemisphere from repressed emotion and fantasy. Repress that energy and the body decays. For some, the left hemisphere is what makes things concrete. You likely don’t believe in or trust your judgement, and thus your frustrated right hemisphere manifests all kinds of anxiety related ailments.  We tell people those energies don’t matter, and for the machine sure they don’t. The machine is a dead system, but many discover most graphically energies do matter, big time.

Often others will say they don’t believe someone is in pain, but they believed it. They didn’t care, friend. This is why they react the way they do now. Guilt. People believe in pain so much that it gets ignored. They weren’t lying, nor were you. We’re told we’re being dramatic, but under the right circumstance they can and will be dramatic too. The greatest critics are the ones who cry agony most.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Kevin

    The broken bowl in the sink today was my wife’s way of releasing anger and pain.

    She asked me to live life from the heart, and I failed this morning.

    This essay inspired me to understand what happened.

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