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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Healing Energy in Health


Energy healing is both very simple, and perhaps one of the most complicated subjects in this field. We live and breath in a field of reality. We are fed and feed into an ecosystem of energy. It is alive and has rhythms and patterns all its own. What we call our feelings and health is not strictly ours. This is why another can use energy to heal. This energy has a memory and is the precursory to the constructs of consciousness we call minds. Thus empathy can affect health. Even a lack of empathy is in fact still the same force, just balanced negatively.

We feel energy all around us. Sort of like the environment supporting a human baby in uterus. We are dependant on energies we don’t ourselves create; food, air, and actually even love. The exchange of spiritual energy is necessary for health and well being. We absorb spiritual energy even from other things that have absorbed it. Thus meat has become almost a junk food these days instead of empowering. Their energies are tainted, but you ‘heal’ or ‘harm’ people all the time. Any metaphysical act does that to some degree. It either repairs the order or disrupts it. This is the only reason I have any healing skills or motivation at all, because of that energy in the world and I prefer not to feel the environmental pain.

Many see this as a ‘miracle’ of some kind. It’s a miracle we survive in ignoring it, and we do ignore it still as much as we can. But when the energy gets really toxic it makes people anxious to correct things. This is why people are so concerned now. This motivates the green movement, but ideally there should never have had to be a green movement. We seem to only operate in extremes. This is why most people don’t seem to be aware of their own health or wholeness. Let alone that of another.

What’s your conclusion? Use with caution? No. In fact it’s that caution, that hesitancy, that makes the problem. You can feel these energies and the balance is not maintained by disengagement. The energy to a degree is self regulating, but a refusal to recognize it and participate in it creates a more serious imbalance than using it.

Some postulate that if energy is so powerful, it deserves respect and caution. Human respect = fear, and human caution = awkward fumbling and presumption. Look around you for proof. Nothing is working now, illness is rampant and everyone is cautious. Illness is on the rise, and immune deficiencies (even other than Aids), are becoming more and more common. Allergies is an immune issue. Not to mention just the mental problems from stress alone not diagnosed. What is being careful of our energy getting us?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insight on “Healing Energy”

  1. Jenny Mannion

    I whole heatedly agree. I healed myself when drs. said I couldn’t and KNOW how we perceive the world around us has everything to do with our well being. I now am a Reconnective Healing Practitioner which is ALL about receiving love and healing for another. It is oh so powerful and just “makes sense”. Thanks for this post! Stumbled!
    Gratefully, Jenny

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