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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Health and Spirituality in Health


Health is related to spirituality, the mind-body connection. Like how laughter is healing or at least stabilizing. I have made some observations in life, and in my observation those who are truly happy tend to be very healthy.  Also, peoples issues tend to correspond to their temperament. Anyone else observe this?

So by default if I’m not healthy, I can’t be happy? Oh not true. I’m technically not healthy, but I manage better for not allowing that to dictate my coping. I am healthier for being happy.

Biological harmony can potentially arise from spiritual harmony. Meditation has been proven to do that. This is why they allow it as well as touch therapy in hospitals now. If anything, therapies that were thought to be formerly only spiritual are booming. Myself I focus on personal experience, so I didn’t need anyone to vouch for these things. I read to broaden my view, but this validation seems a victory for those who want to see life more holistically now. In Taoism they say the way is present in the whole and its parts, and this is the secret strength of all people and all life. Seems to be proving true, no?

It is a reason herbs sell so well and even the doctors can’t deny their benefit. They just like their controlled synthetic stuff better, though nutritionists are considered part of therapy now. I was in a hospital recovering from a serious infection not too long ago. My food was chosen for me for a bit, and there was a reason. In all the diet movements, how many have tried the more “scientific” diets?

I have found that when I make a proper health change there is a noticeable difference in reaction. I don’t follow a specific code because I’m just not disciplined like that, but the body does provide feedback and metabolic needs change with state of mind. My body produces different hormones at different levels. Like lately I have been craving salsa, and it has a compound that serves as an anti depressant. Foods can directly affect our state of mind.

Some start to practise yoga and find if they change their spiritual practice it will have very predictable effects on health. All the variations of meditation are great tools for us so that we can evolve. However not all fit as we have our own spiritual finger prints. Like our own dietary needs differing based on age, gender and temperament. Nothing superior or inferior. I have researched very broadly because I found my temperament ill suited to the more disciplined paths, but found they still relate. So I could get the benefit and allow myself to exist also. Like athletes experiencing a meditative state when competitive running or not. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Though we are all different we also discover we are kin, and it seems one leads to the other. You can’t shun one and have the other. A persons health is often related to how they see others. There is a spirit in man that is beyond man, and seeing it can heal. But until then is it not true that most misanthropes have chronic health issues?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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