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Normal comprehension is normative thought. It’s a virtual reality at best.

Why do we Strive? in Health


Some say the physical is dual, so we have to rise above the duality and become more spiritual. So the physical is profane? I find that people tend to trip over the idea of transcending the physical. It is confusing and a bit upsetting. Is this necessary? It seems to me that the spirit is already here, and is written into our makeups. It seems the mind is the barrier, and not even it. Not in it’s true nature. It’s the ideas we all cling to, but not everything that comes with the mind is bad. Does intuition, insight, or liberation by logical thought reveal itself to be limited?

We produce fear and ego, and emotions arise after feeling not before. Why should we say emotions are bad without looking at the root? Pain is a life preserving feeling, and can have an emotion about it. Usually that doesn’t help me heal though, but people react like that. They have been taught to react like that. I have found that what makes the mind so defensive is that it feels the spirit in it. This irrational little itch, but we have been taught to see the irrational as bad so we tend to bury it. You will forever scratch. It is like an organ rejection, but it’s all the other thinking that is the unnatural part. The part we choose to keep is the part we have been taught is valuable. It can be valuable. Our minds have the ability to reason quite naturally, but it’s like the programming is backwards. Like telling your graphics card to perform all operations.

I have a ‘disability’ by medical and societal definitions. Perhaps it’s just differently-abled. Perhaps that is the secret to health. Respecting that you are what you are. You aren’t what you make yourself. In being yourself you can only be yourself by being what you are. Not by being ideas you adopted.

The joy of being. From where does the joy of being stem? An ‘unbearable lightness of being’ as it’s been coined? The minds boxes happen kind of like our need to eliminate, even if I’m only speaking of perspiring. One does not transcend the mind by dismissing it. It is easy to speak of the mind being limited, and thus limit the mind and ignore its impacts. We have parts of what we could consider our mind, perhaps science considers it the subconscious. Brain research suggests that it even takes precedence over conscious thought. Awareness. The body is aware without us making it be aware. We try to make our mind be aware, and thus limit its awareness.

We heal when we let it, and we as a culture tend to enforce some serious psychological scars. And praise people for having them. The divine energy is our very life’s breath is it not, or is it found somewhere else? The breath of god. Why do we strive? Do we strive from our natures, or do we strive from our ideas?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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