There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Judgement and Our World View in Judgement


Judgement is something I have been dealing with lately, but there are some simple facts regarding it. As much as people may want to believe otherwise, we do not respond to an objective reality. The world and our lives as we see them are simply the bi-product of judgements me make. The first and foremost being a judgement of ourselves.

Does anyone know someone who judges the world harshly, but themselves positively? The mind has a way of checking ideas and its world view for consistency. So if the person seems to judge themselves positively and the world poorly, the brain won’t reconcile that. Too many instincts speak against it. Pair bonding, familial affinity, etc.

I know many misanthropes. People who say I hate people. They do not in fact hate people, and yet still love themselves or their lives. Their lives are in a world that has people in it, and whether they choose to think on this or not, mentally they know that they are people as well. They judge harshly and fear judgement, and yet judge themselves and punish themselves. We are judged by others in the way we judge ourselves.

Is that kind of arrogance based in insecurity not recognized? Well, here is the thing. Insecurity is a natural instinct. We are social animals. If your kind are inferior, then there is no safety in numbers and you will quite naturally fear. Some may have it the other way around, perfect universe but inappropriate self. Illogical, but a feeling none the less and logic isn’t very logical. It is provable that part of the discipline of logic is to see how it can err.

As natural living creatures we have a need for freedom, for options. Even your dog will go bonkers if restricted to too narrow a space. When we formulate arbitrary judgements, we hedge ourselves in. We limit not the other persons potential. They likely neither know or care about your judgement. But even if they do, you still limit your own freedom because you prevent them from being all of what they can be to you. It won’t matter what they try, or how they act. Our judgements tend to be quite adamant. There is a lot of feeling and passion behind them, so we will wilfully restrict another with our judgement. Often times entirely out of proportion to any wrong they may have actually done.

Does what we judge in others come from what we see in ourselves? Always, we cannot judge without first referencing our own world view. The law of attraction isn’t some mumbo jumbo new age thought. Even in science they acknowledge the very material role of the observer in any experience. We structure our experience in the way we view our world. You can not view the world negatively and yourself positively.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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