'Judgement' Chapter


The world and our lives as we see them are rather simply the bi-product of judgements me make. The first and foremost being a judgement of ourselves. People who annoy us are usually just reflecting that which we are trying to reject in ourselves. If it were totally foreign we might see it as weird, but wouldn’t find it disturbing.

Judgement is an inherently restrictive force in the mind but it lays no restrictions on others, not without some overt force. Our judgements restrict us. For all who would judge, consider the impact of your own judgment in your life.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers” Voltaire quotes (French Philosopher and Writer. One of the greatest of all French authors, 1694-1778)

“Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” Wayne Dyer quotes (American motivational Speaker and Author of self-help best selling books. b.1940)

Judgement and Our World View

Judgement is something I have been dealing with lately, but there are some simple facts regarding it. As much as people may want to believe otherwise, we do not respond to an objective reality. The world and our lives as… Seek More

The Third Point

The shadow consciousness theory of psychology is the notion of suppression of our selves by our judgement. When we see other people doing what we have stopped ourselves from doing, it traumatizes the shadow consciousness. Our judgement traumatizes it reflexively.… Seek More


There can be said to be two paths in the world. In the Cabala, they are called the pillar of mercy and the pillar of severity, but in fact there are three points. They are only opposed in the minds of… Seek More

Truth Is

They say adversity doesn’t make you who you are, it shows who you are. It’s there. There is more than judgement. Like language is acquired by an infant, there is a language behind the mind/body connection. There is a language… Seek More

Restriction of Judgement

Judgement, what it is and what it does. Judgement is an inherently restrictive force in the mind, but it lays no restrictions on others not without some overt force. Our judgements restrict us. We do not perceive our world directly.… Seek More

Negative Self Judgement

Here is an example of negative self judgement. A man feels that there must be something wrong with any woman who wants to be with him, and feeling this way has him sabotaging his relationships. In this case, he has learned… Seek More