The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

Science Falls Short in Magick


We still practice magic today.  They just call it science and reject the original context. Thus they poison everyone silly.

How is science different? That they experiment without prejudice would be a lie. Scientific hypotheses has as much intuition as reason behind it. Even Einstein said so, and the students of magic didn’t turn a blind eye to results. Science is empirical, but how does that make it better?   A simple mistake of getting their math wrong can lead to a great tragedy. Mistaken interpretation of the strictly empirical can and does do that daily. It is not a protection.  Many scientists admit to drawing intuitive conclusions then testing them. Science was spawned by magic, and many of the most ardent supporters of science like Arthur Clarke said that a sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.

Any modern medicines are being derived from what were considered witchcraft remedies. They have even found that chicken soup is actually helpful. The proteins and saline solution help you recover faster. It has qualities, and actually chickens have played into occult lore for a while. They are a symbol of vitality. Seems they do impart vitality.

At first, there was no magic and not magic. There were just qualities to things. The old students of magic explored these, like onions that really do help control fever. The students of magic didn’t know why, and it can be argued they didn’t need to. Magics original use, was to refer to the wisdom of the magi. Science has a supernatural quality, magic was more natural. Instinctive. Intuitive.

Science falls short, and is part of why it’s becoming factionalized. There is controversy, but it’s not heard about in the public as much. Scientists form overviews, and often are counter intuitive and motivate experimenting that has little or no use. The ideal, the empirical, has proven a limited paradigm at best. Other views that seem counter to it aren’t idiocy necessarily. I don’t have to believe, and even coherent thought right now exists outside of science.

Quantum teleportation has been achieved, and reverse wave functions in light are the cause of the wave particle duality. Cellular memory, and denial of subjective experience is more realistic? Hypnosis originated from observing old ritual practices, and as a matter of fact exploitation of that was used.  It is used in marketing to this day.

The mind-body connection was dismissed by science as BS, but it isn’t any more. Sciences judgement about magic has been wrong a lot. Acupuncture is now seen as legitimate therapy. The schism is not justified. What was ever true is still true, if it was ever true.

Superstition, surviving belief. The beliefs endure for a reason. Every fiction has a core of truth, and the truth is stranger than fiction. It is possible you don’t like the strange. That is fine, but it won’t go away.  If you like it and value it then there is a reason why, even if you haven’t reasoned it out. An instinct that makes what you see as nonsense speak to you anyway. All these things I have spoken on are all about instinct.

People try to see things as what they are, science isn’t concerned with that. It looks at what things do, not what they are. What they are is still to this day metaphysics.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Lilly Longfield

    Love this post! It is high time for us to acknowledge that science and spirituality are one and move forward.

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