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Working with Chakras: Part II in Chakras


The ‘Working with Chakras series of posts is an interview of a conversation on the chakras. What they are, and how you can work with them. We hope you find it of value in furthering your understanding of energy and personal growth. Working with Chakras: Part I starts with an overview, Part II begins to use the ‘assemblage point’ in working with your lower chakras, Part III moves to the heart and also explores the concept of a dominant chakra, and Part IV explores a blocked chakra and how to work with that, finishing at the upper chakras.

Dragon Intuitive (DI): What are the characteristics of the chakras?
Travis: Well, I feel moved to talk more on the assemblage point. Your mind creates a chakra using the main ones. It is in this way that you process the world. It is your filter. What is not commonly known is it is mobile and mutable. So example, do you feel your assemblage point right now? It is likely focused on your computer screen.

DI: Being my input of data, yes.
Travis: Now try this. Without moving your eyes (as that isn’t necessary, your vision will still work fine), move that point of awareness under your perineum, between your genitalia and your anus. Now notice how you feel.

DI: It is like a weight goes to there.
Travis: Normally the perineum is your root. And yes, find you are thinking differently, perception altered?

DI: Less cerebral.
Travis: Likely is growing more and more altered as your assemblage point lingers there.

DI: Yes, I find it hard to define, but it feels different. So assemblage point is where your focus goes?
Travis: Basically, but it isn’t object oriented. It is more like a spiritual center of balance.

DI: Do all the other chakras root to the assemblage point?
Travis: Basically yes, so change the assemblage point and you change your whole interface. Ever notice when you orgasm though you feel with the obvious part the reaction is in your perinium?

DI: Yes, so in the root.
Travis: It is same for either gender, and yes it is. It isn’t just sexual. When you feel threatened does that region tense?

DI: Yes
Travis: Badly anxious etc. It is the root drives; fight, flight, and sex, and hunger. Your lower intestinal tract is digestive, and thus it does send hunger signals. Ok, move your assemblage point to your navel. Just in front of your navel, not in the body. The more outward focused your assemblage point, the more in the world you are. Bring it in and you move into the spirit. For conversational purposes we will stay at least a bit out. So assemblage point moved? How are you feeling?

DI: More in need of action.
Travis: Yes. The sacral chakra is slightly higher in function if you want to call it that. It is still very linked to root needs, but it is selective. High priority needs versus low. It is the root of general desire. When you feel frustrated does your abdomen tense?

DI: Yes
Travis: General desire being blocked. The sacral is also the center of emotional bonding. Is the part that says I want sex, but I want it with that person specifically. So feel clear on the base two?

DI: Yes
Travis: lol, the spiritually refined supposedly disassociate from those.

DI: True, the lower hells or something…and actually I’m reminded of the realms spoken of in Buddhism.
Travis: Interestingly the Japanese see sex and yearning as forms of tragedy, as hellish. Even saw images of a sexual hell on an anime I watched.

DI: Even if not frustrated yearning?
Travis: Actually yes, because they are all consuming. To be lost in ecstasy they still see as torment.

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