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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Working with Chakras: Part I in Chakras


The ‘Working with Chakras series of posts is an interview of a conversation on the chakras. What they are, and how you can work with them. We hope you find it of value in furthering your understanding of energy and personal growth. Working with Chakras: Part I starts with an overview, Part II begins to use the ‘assemblage point’ in working with your lower chakras, Part III moves to the heart and also explores the concept of a dominant chakra, and Part IV explores a blocked chakra and how to work with that, finishing at the upper chakras.

Dragon Intuitive (DI): I got interested in chakras a number of years ago and did some reading, but was interested in how you see them.
Travis: Well you have likely heard even scientists say that the difference between ‘in your mind’ and ‘in the world’ basically doesn’t exist.  Yes?

DI: Meaning I simply perceive what exists?
Travis: Well yes in part. Your aura is your mind and spirit, as well as physical energy emissions in the world. Your chakras are the spiritual realm penetrating you. Just as the physical world must, and you are penetrated every time you eat or breath or make love.

DI: So auras are a mix?
Travis: Yes. They are the interface. Auras are basically the morphogenetic field you may have heard of responsible for shaping the biological material as much as it can.

DI: The auras or chakras are the interface?
Travis: The auras are memory. The chakras are a communication channel. Each linked to a different layer of spiritual existence.

DI: What do you mean by layer? A dimension or plane?
Travis: Yes. Though they aren’t walled off from each other. This is where the Manichean heresy does so much harm. The whole “flesh is evil” trip.

DI: The other day you talked about Norse mythology and their nine dimensions. I have heard of 7, or possibly 8 chakras. Is the nineth this physical place, which would mean we have a chakra to actually link into each dimension even as defined by physics?
Travis: Yes. According to Don Juan from Castaneda’s writing there is a chakra sort of outside the aura. He called it the assemblage point.

DI: High above the head?
Travis: Actually no, the assemblage point is usually in front of you. Roughly between your eye level and your heart level under normal circumstances.

DI: Ok, so lets review. The chakras are?
Travis: Energy exchange conduits, both output and input, a.k.a communication channels.

DI: Located where?

  1. At the base of the spine, corresponding to the perineum externally.
  2. At the center of the abdominal cavity, corresponding to the navel.
  3. The bottom of the thoracic cavity, corresponding to the solar plexus.
  4. Centered in the cardiac nerve plexus.
  5. At the base of the brainstem corresponding to the larynx.
  6. At the base of the skull corresponding to the visual center in the brain.
  7. At the cranial fissure corresponding to the corpus callosum.

DI: So aligned along our back?
Travis: Yes, though the visual is complex. It is also linked to the light sensitive pituitary gland which is as electrically complex as an actual eye. That chakra is called the third eye.

DI: Is there not one above the head as I’ve heard?
Travis: That from my experience is an assemblage point, and is why maybe that is not a commonly agreed on chakra. It shifts. The over the head chakra you heard of was Hindu perhaps? Someone who spent a lot of time contemplating Brahma? Have noted it isn’t spoke of by all sources?

DI: Oh yes, it isn’t mentioned everywhere.
Travis: From my personal experience the physically anchored chakras are all there. I have noted and interacted with every one of those, and there is possibly a chakra over the head. More or less the only “disincarnate” chakra is above and behind the head. This is why our eyes go up and to the left when visualizing.

DI: Is that the assemblage point one?
Travis: No, but for all intents and purposes it’s a hyper chakra. To learn by stages it need not be tackled. You will gravitate more toward it as you master the others.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Dragon Intuitive

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