I talk a lot does it make me a fool? I am saying silence by itself isn’t wisdom. A man of few words can just be dull.

Working with Chakras: Part IV in Chakras


The ‘Working with Chakras’ series of posts is an interview of a conversation on the chakras. What they are, and how you can work with them. We hope you find it of value in furthering your understanding of energy and personal growth. Working with Chakras: Part I starts with an overview, Part II begins to use the ‘assemblage point’ in working with your lower chakras, Part III moves to the heart and also explores the concept of a dominant chakra, and Part IV explores a blocked chakra and how to work with that, finishing at the upper chakras.

Travis: So next chakra, move your assemblage point to the space just at the top of your sternum and at the base of your neck.

Dragon Intuitive (DI): Yes, I always feel tightness there.
Travis: Ok, this is a blocked chakra. Is another thinking chakra, but it expresses the lower ones and tries to tie it all together. It is the chakra of expression rather than action, words not deeds, but words and deeds are mixed. How you talk will be how you act.

DI: Oh, I thought the heart tied it together?
Travis: The heart knows. It is the knowing of the lower chakras, is the assimilator sort of like a spiritual stomach. And in fact stomach problems are linked to heart problems. To understand the body to mind relationship flip yourself upside down and overlay that image. The crown being at the root, and the root being at the perineum. This shows how energy is processed.

DI: How so?
Travis: Not absorbed, acted on. First you think, is the directed force. Then you express, is the “selective” action.

DI: From crown to root?
Travis: Yes, they pair in reverse. Then you feel. It is the center so is paired with the soul. Then you react to your internal process with physical action, and then await reaction to choose again. For me that’s all reversed, well and fused.

DI: So the sacral is aligned with the eye, and root to the crown?
Travis: Yes, you have your pairs right. The functions were repeated. The body/mind likes redundant systems. Makes it stronger.

DI: How does that work? Sacral desire is seen by the soul and I guess physical ecstasy is spiritual ecstasy?
Travis: Yes, you do understand. Ok, have moved your assemblage point to the throat chakra?

DI: Yes
Travis: It amounts to the higher heart. So what do you experience?

DI: Tightness and sadness.
Travis: Ok yes, and is a simple reason why. As you have likely noted these are all simple. You have a request and have conditioned yourself to believe you can’t ask. Thus are saddened because your heart moves you to ask.

DI: Yes, the message itself gets so buried though. How do you uncover that?
Travis: That is where your vision kicks in or the strong psychic sense of the person being vision, knowing, hearing or feeling. But for you, visual being strongest, you see what you want to say. You keep visualizing what you want to ask, thus the block, then rejecting it.

DI: Is this different things in different moments or a big single thing?
Travis: Oh probably a little of both, but for a block to occur and not just a restriction (which would feel stiff but not tense), one big thing had to occur.

DI: An occurrence of being conditioned not to express something?
Travis: Oh very likely, and in fact that occurs when the child asks and shocks/scares/repels their parent. This is why free association works in psycho-analysis, and just spit it out is very common and actually good advice. Can you?

DI: No
Travis: Ok, then will use your vision. Keep your focus on your throat, but see what blocks your throat. In Hinduism the throat is said to block poison, it is a commonly used symbol and in fact we tend to universally hold tension in our neck which is the throat chakra. So what do you see at your throat?

DI: hmm…visions of me not talking as a kid, not expressing anger at my parents.
Travis: Which arose from wanting to express and hear affection, the throat chakra is linked to hearing also. This is why your neck tenses when someone yells at you. Ok and why is it retriggered? I suspect I know.

DI: They wanted to know why I did something they thought was bad. They thought I was being ‘evil’ or something, I thought it was pointless to tell the truth.
Travis: What was this evil and what was the truth?

DI: Oh the evil was just that I was being mean….and the truth that I wanted more autonomy.
Travis: Yes, this is that link. You don’t like being invaded and is why you resisted your dominance. It seemed immoral. You were taught to treat others like you want to be treated, and you don’t like being invaded.

DI: So my act of dominance there was seen as evil?
Travis: Yes. This is why you pushed a desire to invade off into your shadow self.

DI: So since I’m taught to treat others how I want to be treated, I can’t dominate them?
Travis: This is how you worked it out in your head. You weren’t given a natural model.

DI: So I want to dominate …
Travis: And yes, it feel natural?

DI: Yes
Travis: Do you feel whole with this realization?

DI: Still looking into the evil concept of it, am seeing that better. How I was conditioned to see it as evil.
Travis: Your dominate self knows what is natural and what is warped. Example, would you want to lacerate my flesh? Let the dominate self speak.

DI: No
Travis: And that comes from instinct doesn’t it?

DI: I get angry when I’m questioned, and my solution has been not to speak. Keep it all a secret so I don’t have to hear it.
Travis: It broke you up inside and wasn’t a solution. Speaking was natural and the adaptation just dulled your energy.

DI: Yes
Travis: Is your throat block still there?

DI: No, faded during this.
Travis: Good.  What would your dominant self do to me based on its drives and instincts? There is a reason I ask.

DI: You mean in terms of what, treating you or hurting you?
Travis: Treating me or hurting me, whatever it would move you to do. What would it move you to do? Describe it interacting with me at its will.

DI: I am at a loss for context.
Travis: True, so that raises one point on the morality issue. It isn’t on a rampage is it? It doesn’t lack control. If anything is more capable of being in control.

DI: So it isn’t even always a direct attack on anyone, it could be to just be left alone.
Travis: Yes, and could be debated as to if its even an attack at all. Force isn’t violence by definition.

DI: Yes, it is the others interpretation.
Travis: Yes, and they show where they are by their behaviour.  They show nothing about you, but you were young so still impressionable. Psycho-social-sexual are all mixed. They aren’t really separate things. When you demur does it feel bad, skin crawl etc. or wasn’t that extreme a reaction? Did demurring make you cringe though conditioned?

DI: I don’t cringe, I shut up.
Travis: Ah true, which is worse. Less awareness there.

DI: Lets go to the next chakra, it might be my strength perhaps.
Travis: Yes next chakra, move your assemblage point in front of you and over your eye level. Centered in you field of vision other than being over eye level. What do you experience?

DI: Lightening of being…energetic.
Travis: Cool, will test a theory. Now move it over your head like an umbrella. How does that feel? Then back to vision.

DI: Oh the vision is where I want to go to, the other doesn’t seem to feel like much at all.
Travis: The other is potentially too much. Is so simple it’s complicated. Now think of the other charkas. Do you want to go to them more than vision?

DI: No
Travis: Perhaps less?

DI: Yes
Travis: And it isn’t from shunning yourself is it?

DI: No
Travis: It is because on a deep level you know you can engage any of it from vision?

DI: Yes, that makes sense.
Travis: Ok we will try that, are you receiving a flowing visual? Seem to be free associating a bit or is one visual lingering?

DI: Connected to the previous topic, images flashing of people who block the throat, times I’ve expressed and the other retreated.
Travis: So I think your block is permanently gone. You have seen too much and can’t go back.

DI: Wow, that is magic.
Travis: This is part of what I do in my personal practices.

DI: So really it is no more complicated then the truth.
Travis: Yes, my life doesn’t seem at all complicated to me, not on a metaphysical level. The complications for me are elsewhere.

DI: So this is how we work with chakras, to use this assemblage point?
Travis: Basically yes, but there is also another way. Because your assemblage point naturally gravitates toward your dominant chakra. For you with visual, you can focus on your visual and free associate.  So what are you thoughts on all this? Your insights or feelings on what you have discovered about yourself?

DI: Like it’s been everything and nothing.
Travis: Yes the sage does no great thing, but nothing is left undone. Is what they mean by saying that.

DI: There is a Tom Petty song, “took a world of troubles, took a world of tears, to get back here, is a dark victory”
Travis: Feel like you have?

DI: Yes
Travis: Cool, so what will you do with your new life? These fresh moments?

DI: Ha, chop wood and carry water.
Travis: Yes :smile:

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Dragon Intuitive

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