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Primal Emotion and Heart Chakras in Chakras


The minds (or chakras) do correspond to stages of both biological and psychic development. The root chakra is the first center to be visible in a growing body. It is the tail. From our roots we have the simple animal drives and rapidly on its heals develops the enteric nervous system also known as the stomach brain. Still animal drive, but it distinguishes good from bad. Perhaps the reason for our fall from Eden. :razz:

Can you actually feel physical sensations for activity in various chakras? Yes. When aroused or frightened the perineum tenses, and it tends to mesh intimately with the stomach brain. What’s the perineum? It’s the nerve center that governs sexual organ function right at the very base of the torso between the structures there. It is actually a very active center, and is part of why men have such compulsive thoughts of sex.  As do women, but they deny it. Part of why women deny it is their sacral chakra, the stomach brain. It is more developed than in men, thus the whole “that is food and it’s good, that is food and it’s nasty” is a stronger process in them. It is also the seat of the nesting instinct.

Now moving up from the primal emotions you have the solar chakra. It is the gate between the primal and what is considered higher function. It is the mind that decided what we will act on. The lower chakras know what we want to do, the solar chakra decides if we will do it. It’s also the seat of the nerve center that is the most direct interface between the voluntary and involuntary nerve systems. Breath control exercises exist because of this interface. Control the breath, and control the mind.

Is the solar chakra will or self confidence? Actually, self confidence is a compounding of the functions of the sacral chakra and the heart charka. The stomach brain and the very responsive and receptive cardiac nerve plexus. The heart tends to be the keeper of balance for all other functions.

The heart is focused on keeping balance, but it is inherently receptive. So your heart doesn’t think, it feels and it gathers input from all other minds. It is the first brain like center only a little less complex than the brain. If someone says “I think with my heart”, criticising them shows your own limitations, not theirs.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Roy L. Culver

    I have long had a belief in the heart mind from D.H.Lawrence and Henry Miller. Heart mind, brain mind, sex mind? Sexus, Nexus, Plexus, something like that. I am reaching back across 86 years with a rebellious memory so i am spotty or spooky, not sure. I am 86 and have long had experiences with my heart which give me great belief in it as a gallant and undefeatable friend. I hate and loathe the idea that some moneymad surgeon would take out my friend and put in a total stranger who would be lost inside me. Just now in bed beside my soul’s reason for existence, my wife of 63 years, I had hard pains in my heart. I have believed for some time that such events are my heart seeking to communicate with the rest of me, and as the pains persevered, I relaxed and waited. My mind that I live in, the main chakra?, went to a homosexual friend I had, though I didn’t then know he was such, during the Second World War, Drury, a professor at California University in Berkeley where I chance to be living at present. I was eighteen and totally ignorant of homosexuality, perhaps only a bit worse than I am now, and I only in recent years, maybe last year, come to understand that Drury was attracted to me and tried me out a lot, giving this scrap of a Cherokee-Sioux out of Oklahoma, valuable books to read in our Naval station at Alameda then and enjoying my explosive reactions to some of them. He put me in the direction of art which has been my life. What finally made me believe he was wanting me was . . . Oh well, I am tired of this, so jump to the chase, or whatever the intelligentsia would say: From the heart pains I just now experienced and which went away entirely when I thought of Drury, I, in my belief in the three minds, came to what seems the understanding that the basis of homosexuality or the basic homosexual male has more heart mind operative and is more reliant upon it than other males, and is blessed (or cursed as some would say) with sensuous antennae picking up the presence of others like him, antennae which are part of the heart mind package. My experiences, so life-enriching, of having such antennae rein over my existence stand forth first of all in the way that I first realized the presence in this world of the magnificent woman, Vika, when I simply walked by her sitting in the sunlight reading a book and eating an apple, and I don’t believe I saw her with my eyes at all because they were following my brain mind’s direction through a door she sat beside. I was 23 and was seeking a mate, failing, failing, failing, yes three had proven temporary, and I simply walked by this wonderful woman and she is now on the bed beside me with promise of more of the Love experiences we had last night tonight, and although we enjoyed sex that was left behind between ten and twenty years ago. (This is so much like trying to make my point with buckshot!) Also when I was thirteen and going into a new school then, knowing no one there having only that summer moved into like a new town, there must have been hundreds of kids playing on the huge playground and my friend for life simply stood up from a footfall scrimmage and I knew him, not knowing that he was Cherokee though that is what he was and I pretty much am.

    I think I have said all I need to. Thank you. RLC.

  2. TA

    Good points in your article. I would like to read more details about the sacral chakra. What are the major differences in how it is fuctioning in men vs women. I see more women than men with this chakra either shut down or operating at 50% or less. What kinds of negative beliefs would create blockages in this chakra? How would this chakra affect one’s emotional outlook – ie healthy functioning vs when it is malfunctioning? I imagine prostate cancer in men and female gyn issues could be related to malfunction of this chakra? And this chakra pairs with another chakra? To do what?


  3. Sean

    I’ve read two separate articles that sounded pretty convincing and the basic message was to block your chakras. So I did this and the chakras suddenly seemed to creep me out, my friend did it too and got the same response. I’m not sure about the chakras but I do know real love and goodness comes from within and the thing coming from my heart chakra wasn’t even comparable to that inner energy I felt. Hope this helps someone.

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