Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

Social Heart in Rejection


We don’t have just one social body, we have a set. In a sense, they join together like organs to form a body as complex as our own. Though most of our social bodies are like clone bodies with little or no brain.

If they have little or no brain, then it’s purely an instinctive reaction going on? Yes, and one organ of the social body will often conflict with another causing a pattern of indiscriminate rejection that is damaging across the board. We experience negative physical effects when our spouse hates our family, or when our significant other hates our friends. Why do we get into situations like that?

We act differently in different circles? We react as if we are physically a part of any group we feel a part of, and we treat social rejection of any kind not just as an intellectual complication, but as a threat to our physical well-being.

We don’t think it will be that important when we get into the relationship. We think they will change. True. We try to make connections from conventional thinking which separates us from our instincts more often than not.

Hence why lots of kids in school become obsessive compulsive. True. Social disease is quite common, and our physical disease just mirrors that. Heart disease is the number one killer. Our society has lost its social heart.

I think the need to fit in drives you mad even enough to harm yourself with toxic things and starving yourself. Actually, the need to fit in doesn’t drive you mad, the need to fit in is inescapable, something you don’t have any choice about. The caustic nature of the current social system is causing the psychological decay of individuals.

That sounds primal, staying in a group means safety. It is indeed quite primal, and at one time human groups recognized a need to salvage as many members of their species as possible. They put the village idiot to work, if passively. This has changed.

The caustic nature being how exclusionary and selective it is? Yes, the burn of the social self-immunity. People are so busy being individuals they have forgotten what an individual actually is.

The same way brains as structures originally formed, simple organisms started with very simple nerve like structures that sensed changes in the environment and set about automatic behaviors. These creatures can be thought of as almost mindless, but with more exposure to things beyond their control, these organisms developed new sensitivities and a more complex central system to process these senses. This went on until you had an organism that can more or less move into any environment and relate to and adapt to any circumstance. But the original sensitivity has become almost vestigial, a non-functional ruin of a previously functional organ, like the vestigial gill muscles in the human neck, or wisdom teeth. We have lost much sense of a core. We have a really well advanced sense of systems and how to adapt to them, but we have forgotten why we were in the first place. We have lost the evolutionary initiative.

Do we have to reconcile our social circles somehow? Yes.

We would need more of a culture that accepts different people. For example, some couples won’t socialize with singles, etc. Yes, because “it just doesn’t make sense.” We have not survived as organisms by avoiding things, we have evolved by assimilating things.

We experience rejection because we have set up a system that discriminates? Well… discriminates blindly. This is why partners who experience profound jealousy often describe it as, “I was blind.”

It is often unacceptable for married people to socialize with others of the opposite sex, too much jealousy. Women were afraid I would steal their husbands after my divorce, when I had absolutely no interest, and these were friends. Yes, it’s an animal instinct, but no one is owning it. There is no mind guiding it. I swear sometimes normal humanity is brain dead. I have experienced a fair amount of rejection myself.

I like to flirt, but it doesn’t mean I want to hop into bed with the person. I wish folks would understand that. If the hubby is stolen, I think there was something wrong before the lady ever got there. Indeed. You personally have no need to establish connection with every human being you meet. The brain doesn’t have to direct every tissue in the body to do its function, but as a society it is necessary to establish an awareness that allows for hosting any survival positive member of the species.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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