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Life is lived in moments.

Hearts Need Blood in Rejection


I read that women tend to try to establish a connection with everyone, because, in the old days, they needed community if something happened to their mate. That women tend and mend rather than fight or flight. Rookeries of birds are established by the females ultimately. The heart of society is present in the female of the species primarily, but hearts need blood.

Describe the modern woman for me, anyone?

Much like the antique woman? No changes? Overworked in most cases, career and family. Running a house was the career for women of older times. Yes, and it was a vital career. Keeping track of and hunting prey species was the male career. What do they think of men?

Many now are more independent and feel they don’t need a man. That “don’t need a man”… It’s a defining attitude, no? Bringing home the bacon, literally. Even to the point of boar hunting, but it’s not just held by women. Is it not fair to say that almost everyone entertains the notion that they don’t really need anyone? Thus the rejection I spoke of earlier.

We have lost our hearts in favor of our minds, and a brain with no blood supply from the heart is dead. We have lost the instinct that made us come together not only as individuals but as a species. This instinct has even been the motivating factor behind all human spirituality. The oldest city found on this planet to date is in Turkey, and it was a huge temple, all the oldest cities were.

We have replaced needing people with cold hard cash. It is sad.

I feel that today it is often seen as weak for a woman to still want to be a wife and stay at home mom, and I think that is just as bad of an attitude as the ones who command a woman to be those things.

I know women / mothers who have adopted that attitude themselves even. They feel like they have been denied something. They have, but they were denied it primarily by themselves. People have been cooperating with this mess.

If we are going to look at weakness, look at human strength as it’s defined right now. Can anyone define a strong person to me?

I guess a really strong person knows when to be weak? A really strong person has no concept of weak. They don’t time strength or weakness, or plan the moments of their soul.

Weak to me equals gentleness. Well, gentleness is a survival need. Force has always been a necessary evil at the best of times, and a rampant social psychosis at the worst. That is what makes sociopathic behavior. Strength is in adaption, recognition, expanding awareness.

You are gentle when you hold the baby, but strong when they won’t stop crying. Letting the crying baby be a part of your awareness, letting the annoying adult be a part of your awareness, letting the scary moment scare you, and doing what you must in all of these situations.

Parents don’t like to be reminded that they are annoying. Parents who have an unnatural self-image are inevitably going to experience that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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