Really it’s the children who can educate us. We can support what they know. These ‘wild’ children. Those who seem so different and out of touch with consensus. They are really more in touch with reality. The consensus has created stresses that force minds to let go.

Feeling Energy with Chakras in Chakras


If one wants to feel more energy and more focus, how can one do it via the chakra system? This varies from individual to individual, but start where you started to find more energy. More focus comes from broadening awareness. So start in your root. How so? Well, I will elaborate.

Some ridicule or mock thinks like ritual practices, and taken out of context I guess they make no sense, but they had a purpose. The chakras are impacted by experience. They all are. They have a perfect memory of everything that happened to you. Some say they can’t remember stuff, but that isn’t really true. They are trying to remember with the meat in their head something they experienced at a different level. This can’t work so they just say they forget. In the case of the Tantric practices, they engage in ritualized intercourse and thereby encode the sacred symbolism on the root chakra. Alter it, and you alter everything on up from it. The energy works like a fountain.

Now there is a big debate. Is it push or pull? Does the energy rise on it own or must it be lifted? The purists say that only through sacred contemplation can it be aroused and not do harm. Be pulled from the root to the head. Basically, the “think good thoughts” school, and it can work that way. For many it’s possibly best, but the lower centers aren’t evil, they are just more wild, primal. For some of us, we fail in the “think good thoughts” approach, but succeed because we take the original teaching of the path to heart. Bottom up or top down the truth is there.  Left handed path or right, the truth is there. We need not go outside further for lies. Our own ignorance of self does that just fine.

Some see the evil as inherent in the world. Some see it as an independent spiritual force. If any such thing exists it has little to do with us. Experiencing the kundalini makes that abundantly clear, thus the role of the serpent in the garden. It didn’t lie. It told a truth humans were ready for. Humans love their falsehoods. The basis of their virtue, of their hope.  We screen the world with our energy for that reason. The life is in you and the breath of God exists externally also. People want to claim self, soul, and yet they don’t want to see what this is. The snake I spoke of is a force of entropy, the tendency falsehoods have of decaying. Of man coming to know good and evil whether they like it or not. There are those of us who are more children of the snake than of the garden. It runs in our blood like the naive innocence does in humans. We are no ones enemy.

Think of snake imagery across the world. The benign feathered serpent. The sea serpent of Norse belief. The Aztec feather serpent was benign. Of the Aztec Gods it asked for no sacrifice. As a matter of fact, when the white man came and told the natives to stop, they saw him as the serpent returned. They didn’t worship the serpent alone. Why do I assume the “snake” is better? Not better, different. I am not pushing a belief, just discussing something that might help. Choose what you choose, free will my friends.

Much in the spirit is symbolised.  Things manifest in a reiterated way, variations on things. Seen with other senses than the flesh a serpent looks quite different, as does a human soul, and I see the world differently from you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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