The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Mind to Mind in Chakras


Life is like an onion. All you know of life comes to you in layers. Your interface for life is your personal energy, which is not confined to the boundaries of your flesh. We don’t experience life directly and even science admits this. So you filter life with your energy at the same time as you take life energy in. This filtering causes the aura to have phases which represent a diffraction of life energy. Like white light being split by a prism, but in this case the prism is your mind.

You don’t have one mind or some phantom that lives in your head. You have many minds, and thus there isn’t a mind body connection. There is a mind to other mind connection. Sometimes they communicate partially, sometimes only very poorly, but each mind (or chakra as they are also called) has its own language. It is very coherent, and normally we do this thing called thinking where we pretend that we direct the filtering of the life energy.  We do to a lesser or greater degree.

What do chakras and kundalini have to do with each other? Kundalini is the font of all the chakras, and really of all creation. The first energy that differentiated into the Taoist thousand strings. We think we see a world, and kundalini is the force that makes us think we see a world. It unifies all the chakras, all the many mansions of mind in our being. This is why we don’t see the world in layers or in multiple dimensions. We just see one world. The Kundalini merges together the dimensions we see from the chakras.

How can we activate our kundalini? It rarely is active. It is like that first formative stage of biological development. Creates one dramatic push then for most usually goes dormant after. With awareness of the chakras and of the energies flowing through you, more neural connections are formed. The more you let your energy flow, the more it tries to flow, always pushing. In the case of kundalini rising, it’s a return to that first root force and it stresses the chakra system. It stresses those minds in us and it is usually why it’s not advised. People don’t self manage very well, and instead of revealing the mysteries of the minds, it just splinters them.

Some like Gopi Krishna say it is required to get us into higher states. Do I think this is true? I think that in time it’s inevitable. Whether you move quickly or slowly, apprehend in meditation or move it by more intensely physical means, it will happen. You can know the minds, and the more you know them and the energy that lingers there, the more awake they become. If your body is like a house, what usually happens when only one person is sleeping? Everyone else keeps them up or wakes them if they did slumber.

Can psychedelics help to activate some of the chakras? They usually hinder more. Again it’s the self management problem. Someone takes LSD and it makes them more aware. They respond with “What the hell is this?” and fail to keep their center. Thus they get lost in the new pathways rather than be awake. It becomes a waking nightmare rather than enlightenment. So it is possible, but most people aren’t equipped to do it that way.

To elaborate, those who advocate psychedelics say that the old shamans used them, but in the case of the Native American tripping on peyote they had someone like me. If you saw a shaman interacting with the peyote user, the shaman would seem cruel, even psychotic, but they understand the context of the experience and through force of personality manage the trip for the voyager. You can become trained to manage in an altered state, but that isn’t where people start.

Can drugs like antidepressants/Ritalin/Adderal impact the chakras? Yes. They leave a memory in your energy. Even the cause that made you start taking them. They are an artificial altered state and usually doesn’t address the linked chakras. In fact, all of your experiences leave this imprint.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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