One reaches romantic maturity when they have accepted their “opposite” side and instead of looking for their opposite, they look for the truely “other”.

Social Evil in Social Order


So why is privilege seen as a social evil? Why is it supposed to be a disallowed thing?

Privilege that is not deserved.

How do we determine someones deserving status?

It’s only the lower classes that think they want what the higher ones have? I speak as one who came up in the lower classes. Even they don’t all want higher class privilege.

It’s not thought of as privilege when it is earned through hard work. So there are two types of privilege?

I think people like Bill Gates are looked down on for their social class even though he got it through his work.

Many poor people hate the rich and hate educated people. It’s a sour grapes thing. Actually, it is no such thing. They do not resent the rich and educated simply because they are rich and educated. Being in the underprivileged section of society, especially if you are more intellectually inclined than many, reveals much that isn’t displayed to those of a better social standing. There is an awareness of who it is that makes the rules, and it is NOT the underclass.

Yes, but if you have the ability and you don’t use it to improve your situation, you have no one to blame but yourself. Fascinating. Ability in my experience can only be used with permission and support that is only granted when you meet the necessary social criteria, when you can get people to believe in you to one degree or another.

Well in our current society, anyone can start their own business. In our society, starting your own business can be a colossal waste of time offering a lower standard of living than even menial labour would provide. There is much discussion in asperger forums about how people with that syndrome are so under employed despite their intellectual competence.

Yes, true. Being able to interact with people is necessary in many fields. They should go into a field that doesn’t require it.

You become employed by making someone want to employ you, and it’s even been scientifically established this isn’t ultimately a rational decision. The social pecking order is all pervasive. The same applies to the money market that ultimately drives our entire economy. The decisions behind that are not rational, not in the least fair.

You are right. It’s about the rules only made by a small social class. Even online, the search engines and social networks display your material based on their narrow definition of ‘authority’.

You get good at something by doing it over and over, and not giving up when you fail. It doesn’t matter how much you persist if your work will never be utilized, never be accepted. This was displayed to a lesser degree in the rivalry between Edison and Tesla. Tesla was arguably much more gifted and creative than Edison, but Edison’s people skills gifted him with fame and fortune where Tesla ultimately wound up on the opposite side of the spectrum. Merit had nothing to do with it. People with apserger’s syndrome are notoriously rules minded. They glom onto that pretty quickly because it makes more sense than what drives society, the social undercurrent. This can make them seem to be more moral than the average person where in fact the emotional awareness and conscious decision to adopt a moral code may not be there. If I differ from others with asperger’s syndrome, I would say it’s because I display an uncommon intuition and passion, motivation.

Just watch the Big Bang theory. Sheldon, brilliant mind, rule setter, but not accepted in social settings because he’s also obnoxious.

Being a jerk will make people not like you. It’s amazing Sheldon has any friends at all.

I see Sheldon as having aspergers, so I see him different.

Being a jerk can be a difficult thing to avoid when you lack the understanding that would tell you when you are being a jerk.

Yes, it could be like a blind person trying to be a painter.

My ex father in law was blind and he helped paint a room with guidance.

The blind and largely blind have learned to paint. There are exotic techniques that can enable it and with the rapidly growing cybernetic technology, social classifications like blind may evaporate, replaced by “Hasn’t had the surgery yet” which would leave the underprivileged to be blind as they couldn’t afford the mechanical replacement that would reclassify them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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