Energy follows two identifiable patterns, action and rest and we don’t get to choose to exclude one.

Hating Hate in Hate


I find it funny how dual peoples minds are. They think love is opposed to hate, that being friendly is different from being aggressive. It differs in quality from love certainly, but in my experience it’s not that simple. We move in the world, in the situations we find ourselves in, in relationship to other people and things. Hate is very much an investment, and people very often think that they aren’t in it, or can avoid being in it, but life isn’t that binary.

Can hate be the same kind of basic truth that love is? It’s the other side of the love truth. They aren’t actually separate. You give love a special place… well, you give hate a special place also, even if you keep it hidden in the dark places of your mind. Most self destructive behaviour arises from hate, and most healing and supportive behaviour arises from love. They actually both have the same motive, but because people have little understanding of hate it rules them rather than is ruled by them.

Hate degenerates. Yes, in general it does. And people hate hate. Hating hate strengthens hate. People make even casual hate statements, and they will say “I hate sushi”. They think saying “I hate sushi” is meaningless, or of little meaning, but they are both right and wrong. These innocent hates, our distaste for a food say, can teach us, but we have a taboo about feeling hate so we don’t learn much. Love governs your behaviour, and so does hate. Both are passionate emotion, and many who hate hate, hate things more passionately than they love anything. Ever notice how hung up the person who hates hate becomes?

Isn’t hate just love inverted, or maybe perverted? Basically it is, and often it’s putting the cart before the horse. What we love, we give our loyalty to. What we hate, we give our loyalty to also. We are very loyal to our hatreds and our aversions. They form our other side, and to stop hating seems like betrayal. To perhaps love the hated object seems evil, and the height of sacrilege. Hate/love, fight or flight/peace, they are both ways of seeking the same thing. They seek place, validation, and both hate and love are a drive to express self, to be present in this life, to be connected. Love becomes hate when place must be won by force, when validation must be gained by demonstrations of power.

When it becomes hate does that mean love was not totally there to begin with? Actually no, it means the person is in distress, and it may mean the person has always felt threatened.

Basically the way of hate is not the way of love. Love can let you sit peacefully with a child in the dirt, and watch bugs. The way of hate would make you scold the child for getting dirty, and hold the idea of watching bugs in contempt. Hate by definition is making things other, but hate is not natural, love is. The world exists in dynamic tension. There is a natural element of conflict, yet we as human beings mostly do not accept this. We villainize predation.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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