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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Learned Hate in Hate


Hate is learned.

We ascribe evil qualities to fire, because it seems to lay things to waste. We do not permit it place. In the natural dynamic tension there is no hate. Fire does not hate, and its energy though it destroys gives new life as well. So in dramatizing this conflict, in mistakenly believing this conflict is what we think it is, in seeing the death part of the cycle as evil and as a punishment, this is what gave us the idea of hate. Hate is a human idea, like ego.

It’s not in animals. I’ve seen a hyena take food from a cheetah in the wild, the cheetah didn’t hate. No, there is no hate in that conflict. We form ideas. Idea of who and what we are = ego. Idea of the way of conflict in the world = hate. Animals can learn hate, but they learn it from us.

Like a dog learning to attack? Yes, dogs have a natural defensive reaction, and we do too. But it’s us that takes that natural defensive reaction, and twist it to serve us. A well trained and properly disciplined guard dog still doesn’t know hate, but do we always stop there? Do we stop there with our own soldiers?

Not until authorities order the dog destroyed. We just find more dogs, or more soldiers. Yes, and hate like all things that defy the natural balance ultimately lead to that if no balance is found before. Nature is actually very forgiving, it’s humans who aren’t.

People want to feel something to feel alive. So if they can’t find love, they find something to hate? Oh, indeed. Hate and love have the same drive to establish place, to feel alive and like you have life.  To feel present in life. Love permits enduring life, hate does not.

Love is sacrifice, like the soldier who throws himself onto the grenade? There is a difference between sacrifice and suicide. A solider may throw themselves on a grenade impulsively, with the idea it’s heroism, and ultimately weaken his side for having spent his own life, when none needed to be lost.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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