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Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Destruction in Hate in Hate


Hate destroys by depletion. It shows itself in war with hate as the idea of conquest and taking by force. But in fighting and destroying, you lose what you supposedly would desire to possess. Hate comes from the same energy as love. It’s your very life force, your soul if you will, but it is the pattern it expresses itself in.

In order to “hate” one must generate that negativity within. That kind of destruction? Like engineering, your foundation can be sound or unsound. Hate is destabilizing and an effort to put your energy into higher intensity with no mind to stability, sustainability, and with the delusion that you can get by fighting what you didn’t get in peace. Bill Hicks is right. It’s a choice right here, right now, between hate and love. If you can see that, it is actually a choice. But if you deny the connection between the way of love and the way of hate, much of your hate can go unnoticed.

To sustain hate… doesn’t that also hurt the body’s functioning? It does. Our bodies themselves cannot endure for very long the hormonal change that arises in hate. It was never meant to, nor was that bodily reaction ever supposed to reach the level of hate. But we can’t avoid that by denial. In the name of love much harm has been done to me. They did not see the hate that supposedly inspired them being loving to me, that moved them to “help” me, to correct the wrong that they felt was hurting me, and without asking me because obviously my sight was limited. Does this illustrate my point?

Motivation by hate they deny warps any good they try? Yes. You may think you are in love when in fact you are not. You are in hate with a pretty face.

I am trying to understand how one can love without first thinking they are in love? Like a child, and love and attraction are not the same thing. A young child greets the world with love. This is why they are not adequately defensive. Why we teach them things like “don’t talk to strangers” and stuff like that.

I’ve had moments when I’ve had no thought of love or attraction, and the energy would just move over me. Indeed, because love is our nature, and it isn’t easily subverted.

Is that not like lust? Hate and love can both be linked to lust and forms sort of a third point between the states. Lust is much villainized; lust for chocolate, lust for exploration, lust for pleasure and experience. In villainizing lust, that raw sensual engagement with life, do we feed love? In villainizing lust, lust does not depart. Instead, it becomes twisted. The lust for human contact can become blood lust. The lust for our own growth and prosperity becomes a lust for destruction. Is a passionate desire for prosperity an evil?

I think the law of sympathy applies here? Yes. Like affects like.

Who here is without lust? Anyone? You can villainize lust and claim it serves love, and it can be destabilized. We overcompensate and hate is an overcompensation. To hate your own nature (part of which is to feel lust) is to force yourself to overcompensate. Twisting our nature to make it the thing that is deserving of our avoidance, but we never need go there.

I think if lust is born of the desire to possess, it’s not healthy? Ok, so a child should not desire to possess food? Or desire to embrace their mother? Facing feelings like lust and hate would awaken the passion in us. Faced head on, the illusion can be seen through.  But denied and called evil, and just labelled as something to avoid … Well how does that allow progress?

I hope I allude to forces in us that we all understand. We are progressing into the now away from the illusion, or we can all just stay in that world in our heads and say we know it all. This is a choice also. In your head there is history. There are things to avoid and things to believe. Things you say are holy and worthy, and things you think profane. But in this world right now, there is just the world right now. Everything gets simple when we let stuff be. The mountain a molehill, and then you need fight nothing. It becomes a very simple choice.

I do not choose the way of hate though I spoke of it today. People mistake my intention at times. I do feel we transcend not by denials and penitence, but by understanding. We still to this day try change by penitence, and even enforcing penitence on others. Has the world been bettered there by?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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