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To the degree that you defer to the wisdom of this life that brought someone so amazing as you into being, accept that you are meant to be, and feel, and have desires, and take actions according to the dictates of your heart.

Social Structure in Social Order

Years ago Zuckerberg said that “the age of privacy is over” so I never joined Facebook. Also, it’s incredibly easy to “hack” so your private images aren’t really private.

I think privacy is overrated.

Don’t tell that to all the NSA haters.

Oh, well the USA empire is evil.

It’s the body politic that is the problem, not information access. Personally, I’d love for my IP to be anonymous without having to use something like TOR.

The supposed guiding principles and posturing support of the so called rule of law… Those are lies and lies kept so long they have become quite toxic.

Rule of law is supposed to be better than rule of monarch, though what we have now is rule of the richest social class. Plutocracy, and I am not certain that is better than the rule of a monarch. With the power centralized there can’t be all this obfuscation of accountability.

In theory, we are supposed to have a say in what laws get passed, but we really don’t. No, we don’t. Money is the only voice.

The USA has a lot of good theory and so does communism.

This is why I believe as I do. Nationalism can come to no good outcome. Clans and tribes and the like would fair far better, even in interacting with each other diplomatically. There needn’t even be anything like the retro structure, guilds and scholarly organizations would work just as well.

Well, the state system is somewhat like that. State is closer to that, yes, but still off. We do naturally gather around leaders, and there are naturally those who are forward thinkers, who have a sense of direction to offer to their communities. This isn’t wrong by any means. It is why fads can take off. The idea behind a fad has some merit, though little. It lacks any core principles, no centralizing meaning. This is why ‘geek’ has become a lifestyle. Honestly, geek pursuits are just neo-totemism.

With things like bitcoin, I think the internet will form new ways of organizing that we hadn’t thought of yet. Ah, the internet is already having one huge impact I can think of, crowd-sourcing. Even corporations are trying to find a way to tap into it. It is much more democratic than they have ever been before. Another speaker I have heard believes that society is changing and power is shifting naturally all on its own through social networking. Facebook may be lead by a plutocrat, but what started with a few sources has now become a cultural idea. If the business dropped it someone else would just implement it again. What do you think?

I think many other social networks will bring up the slack and may overtake it eventually. It seems likely. The more corporations choke one channel, as they seem to be doing with Facebook, the more people will gravitate to others. Second Life would be an example. This is why corporate presences failed to take off there. They did have the opportunity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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