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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Future Adaptation in Social Order

Areas of our world all seem to be going through massive changes right now. I think it’s fascinating and maybe for the good. The problem in this era is that the system itself has become unstable. Its original source of power is ceasing to present the opportunities it once did. Social order for its own sake, and the virtue of rule of law are failing us. Where will we go? Thoughts?

Back to the social order of being apes? Actually, that has become too denatured. We are perhaps too mutated neuro-psychologically to have atavism be a survival option.

Even now the rich are getting richer and waging war on the middle class.

Perhaps more aligned to our true individual abilities instead of conventional roles. We won’t be able to buy it anymore?

The information age will not end even if we wanted it to. There has been an overall shift in our real flesh and blood let alone our experience and memories. Too much information has lead to too little trust, which will force us to seek what actually can possibly endure.

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A solar flare or EMP could do a lot of damage to it. That would damage the technology, but not the psychology. It has changed our language and culture, and the memories and experiences that we will pass down to our children. This is perhaps even giving rise to an entirely new species of human being depending on how you see it. But yes, let’s look at our future. We call them children. How do they behave now?

Cell phones are like another part of them. They are plugged in. They are very comfortable online sharing their thoughts and views with “friends” around the world. It’s a big difference in the young vs. older people in general.

Here is an illness, or instability, if you would, that will need to stabilize. They have entirely new levels of information processing, increased tolerance for stimulation, even compulsive craving of it. They are calling it attention deficit disorder among other things.

Is this opening new brain pathways? Pathways not known or used before? It is, and it’s undermining the old neural structures that produced the homeostatic sense of reward from sameness. They seem to take little or no comfort from tradition. They are actually just surfing the television snow. Living with a dead psychic signal. Strobing light patterns used to create stress responses. It could be tracked with equipment. Younger human beings are now calmed by strobing light patterns.

The problem is this. Without some insight into what created the old adaptation, this new trend in human consciousness will just result not in a natural atavism, but instead in a non-adaptive degeneration threatening to produce the very toxicity that the older set feared in the accelerated mind.

I can see how mental illness could rise if they can’t manage this speed. Can and is. This is part of why there is such an interest in psycho pharmaceuticals, illicit and sanctioned. The schools are quite enthusiastic about shoving kiddy cocaine down our children’s throats, also known as ridilin, and they will come up with newer and better chemical solutions. None of which will restore any stability.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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