We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Activation of Dormant Genes in Atavism


Today, we are talking about atavism.

Magickal and spiritual practice often seeks to cultivate altered states of awareness. Some are considered more acceptable than others. In the case of some of the more backwoods practices, one narrow set in particular, we have methods and rituals designed not to supposedly advance the human consciousness, but to regress it. Much of this is what gives rise to the old lycanthrope lore.

To really understand an organism, a look at the root helps. It’s true. Modern theories of evolution are actually rather spotty. There are big holes in the supposed mechanism behind change in living creatures, even beings we don’t typically consider to be living.

Most theories presuppose no intervention from outside of this world. “Outside” requires a spatial map that in itself is somewhat doubtful, space being an inconsistent concept at best. But an atavism is an activation of genes that are still present and intact in another organism that seem to have gone inactive. This is one definition of it at least.

Not in yourself but in something else? In anything, including yourself.

I bare a physical atavism. I have a third nipple. The gene for multiple mammary glands is still in the human genome. It’s not super rare, not that specific trait, and for me it’s just one of my genetic abnormalities. They are nothing to worry about, and most of our atavistic heritage is likewise nothing to worry about.

You are saying that this is in fact, an atavism? Yes. An activation of genes that would normally be turned off.

Even science is now saying that the human genetic system is more mutable than they once believed. This has given rise to a whole new field called epigenetics, and most of the chemicals that govern the expression or inactivation of our genes are controlled and produced in our brain.

Don’t some say that psychic ability may also be an atavism? An ability in our genes that has gone dormant perhaps due to lack of use? Indeed. It may be some form of subtle bioelectrical sensitivity, or even a quantum sensitivity that became repressed as humanity supposedly advanced.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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