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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Act As Though in Atavism


Have you ever heard the phrase, act as though it is and it will be?

Yes. Fake it until you make it.

All that you can conceive of is encoded into your nature as an extension of the nature of reality itself. Just as nature abhors a void, it left no voids in your mind either. So any level of mind is still available to you, if not in exactly the same way it is to a creature living on that level exclusively.

Act as though it is and it will be, if only for a passing moment. Act like the far sighted eagle and you will see farther. Your instincts tell you more than you may have experienced before. You know more of the way of the wolf than your thinking tells you.

I feel that I bonded with my cat on a primal level when I was young. You did. Go there and come back.

It is said in Taoist thinking that the sage doesn’t go anywhere that other people do not, but rather that they go further into the world and then they come back. They don’t go to Valhalla, say, and then come back with the words of the Gods. Nor do they seek to stay anywhere beyond the world.

Basically, in Taoist thinking, the sage goes home. Not to heaven, not to hell, but to the Great Mother, the whole world and all creation. They enter the womb of the Great Mother, enter the silence between the voices and in that space know all voices, all hearts, all states of being and all minds, and on returning they seek to control none of it, only themselves. Act in the most informed way possible. This is the basis of Taoist sorcery in the nutshell. Not seeking favour or influence with any higher powers, just acting on the way that is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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