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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

One Living World in Atavism


Atavism is something to consider in your daily activity. The gifts of nature are still available to us, and we can use our awareness to join our brothers and sisters in this one living world.

People assume that any student of the shadows is interested in or invested in evil. I have no interest in evil, and just have a natural predilection for aspects of reality many find distasteful.

Some people project their assumptions on everything they encounter, and their doctrines, instead of listening and learning.

Some people cut themselves off from the rest of the world so completely that they can ask seriously if animals feel pain or emotion. This is a pet peeve for me.

Considering ourselves above our animal nature has caused a lot of evil.

There is a set of lies I encounter routinely. I consider them sources of genuine evil. They are preserved because humans regard them as beautiful, mistake them for hopeful. To hold any truth they require an additional component of shame. We must know shame so that their truths can enlighten us.

According to current scientific definition, I am mentally deficient. I do not understand shame. I cannot assimilate doctrines of shame. This is perhaps why I don’t display what they choose to define as empathy because it’s cause and effect. Know shame and behave shamefully. Know life and behave vibrantly.

Doctrine is a cage, limited. Life is limitless. You cannot embrace this in a cage. Life is not linear. Grandmother Spider spins many paths in the space of infinity. There is no forward and backward. There is just balance or turmoil, growth or atrophy. Species have survived by returning to a previous stage of existence before, seeming to become a more simple creature, only later to repurpose those old traits and become something even more successful than the false lead of the older path.

I have a book called “Atlantis Rising by Robert Sullivan” about de-evolution of some humans back to a manatee type being. They have been found and documented. Merpeople. There is a weird quirk of human physiology that’s acknowledged even by mainstream science. Our cellulite tissue is connected to our skin, like that of a seal or walrus, and unlike say the chimpanzee.

Human fetuses have gills too. Even adult humans still have gill muscles. As far as science can tell the muscles serve no purpose, but we still have them. They are over the jugulars in our neck.

Another atavism? Yes. Even if actual transformation through ritual is not possible, activating the awareness can let us seize upon those parts of our being that might otherwise do nothing for us, and add energy and strength to our daily life, as well as understanding.

Knowing how to avoid accidents.
Knowing when to pull out of the stock market.
Knowing when your child is in danger.

From my own personal experience, much autism research has borne fruit, even if the interpretations are off base. The way my brain is structured, its regions are sort of split from each other like each facet of my mind has been given its own little yard to play in. So I do experience much of what may have been older parts of human consciousness. It just doesn’t integrate easily with what our society calls the executive function. I haven’t developed the talent that people call self-awareness. For me, that is weaker. That part of your mind that lets you pull all of your experience together and present it to your thinking mind as one picture, and make decisions based on that. For me, it’s more of a prism, refracted, and what makes sense in one part doesn’t make sense in the other.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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