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Perhaps all the moralism, and all the self sanctified enlightenment is in its way the biggest fuel for the evils they themselves deride?

Way In The World in Destiny


People are infinite, and saying people are crazy is ego. Saying people are wise is ego. Saying anything and embracing it as an absolute definition is ego.

We can see the song, and then we can see the singer, and then we can see the unity of voices, but the perception of unity doesn’t come by itself. If you aren’t listening to your voice then the greater song is a bit flat, off key, at least in your neck of the woods.

We reach unity through the individual? Yes. This is why the individual arose. Ego is a valid tool when seen as a tool, but people don’t see it that way. They see it as “That’s me.”, “Don’t you threaten me!”, but they can’t actually be threatened. They can be moved, and they can move, and they can do so with some wisdom when they see the song clearly. The dialogue of the world.

Your purpose, your will, the key to your fulfillment, is not in having more life or more stuff. That cannot satisfy. If it did, you would get your stuff and be happy, or someone would find the secret to immortality and be happy. You want your way in the world. Let’s be honest, you do, and it comes from a deep instinct. Our individual wills and expression are necessary, but you often don’t see your intention or the context by which you’re expressing yourself.

It’s a very popular thing to say “I didn’t mean it”, but that’s not an excuse for anything. If you have to say “I didn’t mean it”, you are identifying a serious wrong. Those words belong only in a children’s vocabulary. For a child, you show them how to “mean it”, but adults should already mean to do what they do. Look at your lived values and your intended values and the deviance is often large, and the problem is in the intention.

So destiny, do you have one? Yes. You do have a destiny. To be here, now. To live, and to die. They are really the same, but how you live and how much you live… Well, life isn’t yours. It’s not an object that can belong to you. How you live, and how alive you feel is up to you, but it isn’t defined by you. It’s in your inner nature. Die is just a word we use to define a change.

As such, how can you ever die? If life is never yours, how can you lose it? Excellent point. You do understand what I’m saying.

I think destiny is about being in harmony with yourself? That is exactly what it’s about.

Isn’t destiny intermingled with the intentions of others too? Oh, indeed it is. So being aware of whom you connect yourself with is important.

Can you define destiny in one concise sentence in your own words and opinion? Ok, it can be very short. One word. Actualization. It can be shorter still. Act. In my opinion, destiny is just the tendency of truth to manifest. It’s that simple.

More like a probability that seems likely, than absolute truth? It’s the conversion of probability into the actual. So the process of converting the probable to the actual is absolute. As they say, the only constant is change.

You are your destiny.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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