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To the degree that you defer to the wisdom of this life that brought someone so amazing as you into being, accept that you are meant to be, and feel, and have desires, and take actions according to the dictates of your heart.

The World Is Watching in Destiny


People often get into the idea that they are “entitled” to do what they are used to doing, and get deeply stuck in their habits and “set in their ways”. The problem with this is they don’t see that they have options. They have made decisions, and don’t seem to realize they can make more decisions. They get very convinced that they have what life is going to give them. But using a theistic argument, then God set you up as you are, even with the power of decision.

Some people argue that it’s “just semantics”. I would say nothing is just semantics, and the dialogue in the world is shaped very much by these things we think are semantic differences. I would not say God and Guru are liars. I would say they are a focus or focused, and they can make new choices if moved to. I would say that God speaks in the earth itself. I was speaking of human decision making, but we are in dialogue with all of life. So what we do, and what we focus on, is answered by the life of the world itself, and we are not so clever that we can ignore our need of the worlds support – food, water, air.

It’s not destiny or free will, but destiny and free will? Act and acted on? Yes, both. Dance. As that song goes, “And the beat goes on.” The planet itself pulsates like a big heart. This has been proven true. Everything in our being imitates a bigger pattern, and people generally never fathom the extent of their power. The mother that is our earth is supporting us. We are in dialogue with the earth, and even more than the earth. When your attention is drawn to anything, your attention is called. The voice is silent, but there can be no louder. When your eyes go to the stars, the stars did speak to you, and they speak to the earth itself. The field we call gravity links earth to the sun, and the other seven planets in our system. It is a constant dialogue.

This is why we sometimes feel a ‘weight’ to moments? We feel the consensus? Yes, that’s exactly why. The world is watching.

To fathom our own natures, to presume that we can understand our own capacities, even something as simple as we can survive, is that not in a sense hubris? Yet with an understanding of our natures, we discover that we can get food, and water, and shelter, and we can attract a mate, and further our species all in the face of the mystery. So the mystery is never to be revealed is it? God has no prestige in his grand illusion?

Is it a mystery? To one view, yes. To another, no. Revelation or divine providence occur to they who have the ear to hear, the eye to see, and who are paying attention to the grand providence that is their very life and presence here. Life is not quite what we think it is, but what we think, it is, and we are not the only thinkers. We create our own reality, and we create our own destiny much as the Gods in many belief systems were said to have created the world from our own being, our own spiritual bodies.

Often it may seem that something is thwarting you. This isn’t actually true. You create from your very nature, and in intimate connection with those around you, and your nature isn’t necessarily in agreement with your nurturing, your conditioning, or any of your pre-judgments.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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