The act of speaking to spirits doesnt change the spirits. It changes you. Act as if you were they, and you will have their power.

Participate in Destiny in Destiny


I’m going to talk about destiny. It’s not a topic people talk about much, but they think about it a fair bit. They wonder if it is, or isn’t there. They think about it when feeling powerless, or when if feels like something else is deciding their path, but destiny isn’t quite so clear cut as that. What determines what we do, really?

I appear to decide things. Indeed, but do you always consciously decide? Have you ever noticed that very often what seems to be a passing notion has the exact same impact on your future as your decision making? Have you ever noticed that perhaps in an early job, you find you begin to entertain the idea you might quit, or be fired though nothing concrete says that, and yet that’s exactly what happens?

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Is that like whatever you focus on expands? Ah yes, but we live in a world of both our focus, and other minds with the same capacity to focus. This gives us the impression that something else might be influencing our destiny. We do focus on other minds, and become the focus of other minds. So though we are told we are the masters of our own destiny, it often just doesn’t seem true, does it?

I am myself, or give to other the power. Well, power is an interesting thing. We don’t generate it, and we can’t keep it or give it. Ultimately, we can’t keep it. It will be spent. We can’t give it, but another can receive it, and we don’t generate it. We receive it also from our world, air, food, etc.

I have given people power over me. You gave your focus to their things, and because your focus was there, then yes, your power of intention was diverted. It didn’t endure did it? Your mind becomes convinced of things based on your focus. Your focus is not the only focus in the world, and it isn’t operating in total independence. There are other focuses, and the world acts in an ongoing dialogue, or “consensus.”

So this consensus has been long standing, and it is imparted to our infants as we “teach“ them. They actually look for it as is easily seen whenever something strange happens, and an infant looks to their mother to see if it’s ok. In the game of naming objects, the child is checking for the consensus. They perceive and think without the consensus, but without the consensus they are “infants” not making an impact on the world.

Does this consensus mean we are somehow imprisoned? Well, yes and no. Put a person in a box, and if they don’t understand the box they may perceive themselves to be imprisoned, but with understanding of the box it’s possible to lift it off of you.

Understand the dynamic of consensus so we can participate? Exactly. :smile: This consensus, the dialogue between focuses/wills… Well, we can actually use an understanding of this to our advantage, and people do and have for a long time. It can be seen as the power of persuasion, or to use a term from magicglamour.” Charisma is another term, or charm. Like people saying they live a charmed life, anything you do or say is witnessed by someone. At the minimum, it’s witnessed by you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Participate in Destiny”

  1. Barry Backus

    I’ve read a lot of your other blogs and thoroughly enjoyed them all until I came across this one. It touches on a good subject, but I must disagree with you on a few aspects of it.

    Regarding power, we do give others power; how does one receive unless something is given?

    Regarding infants not having an impact on the “consensus”… this is a tricky subject to address, and I believe it’s importance is down-played largely in part because of our ever-growing ego as an adult.

    Although it may appear that an infant is not knowledgeable about the world, this is not entirely true. Born with instincts, a child can immediately pick up on emotions of those around them. They may seem relatively powerless, but due to their near “helplessness” the parents empathy is strengthened and tested by caring for what they believe the child needs.

    I could write a whole lot more about this, but I think it fair that you respond with your thoughts so I can formulate a better stance, with new information to get it “right.”

    • Travis

      In the case of giving or receiving power, power is never given or received but is only engaged. Each person acting as a channel, and by the consensus I’m not referring to the underlying reality that children do have an impact on. The consensus is a mass delusion, and children do not start out programmed with this delusion. If anything, it is adults that are not knowledgeable about the world. They’re too busy thinking about it.

  2. Akira Dawn

    ‘ello! 🙂

    Nice! 🙂 I remember when I was first learning about the law of attraction and focus etc, I had ponderings about focus and the interaction of consciousnesses…

    I saw an image like a stone dropped into the pool of reality. Someone else standing next to you dropping another stone into the pool, and ripples forming, effecting reality. Some canceling each other out, some barely formed at all, some rolling right over others…

    The consensus final conglomeration of ripple vibes becoming ‘reality’. And yet… it seems that strength of focus, of vibe pulse ripple making, would be a determining factor?

    Kinda makes the phrase ‘believe in yourself’ more real.

    *hugs!* 🙂
    – Dawn

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