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Free Will in Destiny


Destiny is like one of those unspoken rules people joke about. People talk about it little, but think about it more than they admit. When anything seems outside of their power to affect, or when there seems to be an influence in their life that seems to get a vote and they don’t understand that part. This is why fatalism sits so wrong with most people, and in that I should say they should trust their instincts. Yes, there is something going on besides just your decision making in your life’s path, but it is not a path that is dictated to you. You have free will also. It’s part of a greater process that we can come to understand. We are in a constant dialogue with the world and the people in it. Be it with words, or deeds, or moods.

You state both elements exist? Freewill and destiny? Yes, and the events we perceive to be happening don’t seem to just have our authorship on them. No event is exclusively created by any one person, though any event can be heavily weighted with your intention.

Is it to do with the strength of the individuals will power? Yes and no. Some people are… well, for lack of a better term, “saints” in a way. Their will isn’t fully in it and they aren’t worried about their will, but they are very perceptive and compassionate people. So they would seem to wield a lot of power, because they are in agreement with the world and those near them, or perhaps a better term is harmony.

What’s the difference between will and intention? Ideally there should be no difference, but often there is.

One can have the intention to stop smoking, but the will power fails him. Actually in that case, and maybe this is why people get confused, the will fails at nothing. The intention on the other hand can be poorly formed. Lacking insight, the intention is like words spoken even if you‘re not saying anything. Example; In every new situation it’s like introducing yourself to a new person. Without words you can be saying “I am lost”, and the world responds `Hello lost`. It lets you be lost, until this grates too much on the will, and then the world says “Hello confused”, and the events back up first lost, then confused, don’t they?

Well, I am lost. Ok, but you can take a moment, at any moment, and reflect. Because the will just stays where it is, how it is, and often has a depth that you normally don’t see. Someone who seems hostile may not hurt you, and someone who seems friendly may not help you, but we won‘t know this until we listen to the call of the depths so to speak, and this allows deep communication.

Are you saying that the will is not individual, but a harmonious one with the world? The will is individual, and at harmony with the world. The will is brother to everything. The intention can become twisted, and we can in desperation become very invested in a twisted intention. Violent men are an example of this. In our will, we all want to survive and every violent man feels threatened. There are no exceptions to this, but the intention has become twisted. They adopt ideas like I must do unto you before you do unto me, or the idea “to fully live my life I must make sure everyone else stays out of my way.” The way the intention can become twisted is really wide ranging, and some crazy people are healed, and some become crazy for investment in a twisted intention. Often one seemingly forced on them, because we invest ourselves really early in perverting ones relationship to their own will.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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