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When a condition is at the stage of thought, you can change your mind. When it’s become a feeling, it impresses the environment, and when it’s become an action, you are then stuck with the consequences.

Twisted Intention in Destiny


Sit your body wherever you like. What I would ask you, is where are you sitting in your mind, and how long have you been sitting there?

Oh, 44 years. Long time to sit isn’t it? There is a basis for moving minds. It’s the will, and does the will sit still?

I think so primarily, but intention and ego do cloud it at times, as well as poisonous outside influences. So the will is to do nothing?

The will is. It just is. And in being we do, we breath, we eat, we slumber, we seek, or are these just ego?

Depends on the thoughts associated with the action. Hmm, and if no thought other than the intention to eat, and the awareness of a need to eat?

And autonomous actions of the body .. a will at work? Ah, yes. Taoist medicine actually works with that. It says there are deities in the body and if you are ill, it’s because you have disrespected those intentions, those wills.

They can be conversed with. Oh, indeed that’s true. It can help to respect the wills in the body. It has been proven that talking to parts of the body does affect their function, and you can honour those forces, those wills, as well as the will that has the power of complex intention.

How do we get the right intention, and get it untwisted? Right intention only comes from will, and the will is constant. Before unity comes the individual. Respect the stomach. The stomach doesn’t want to be overstuffed as that makes it feel bad. It’s wrong intention that makes you over eat. Respect the brain, which is not your mind by the way.  It needs to sleep, and will feel bad if it doesn’t.

Does the intention direct the will, or does the will bring the intention? Or do they act together? Intention directs the will to a degree. The will is aware of the degree to which it isn’t fulfilled, and the purpose of intention is to provide the awareness of the dialogue.

A metaphor might clarify. My will may be to be friendly with you, and to make friends with you. Intention is understanding that you speak English, and to express my desire for friendship I must understand that you speak English. That is the role of intention. It’s very simple in theory, but it tends to get very convoluted in practice. Thus a xenophobe might tell a foreigner to “speak English” in an angry tone of voice which totally defeats the purpose.

Like when I will to be friends, but my intention is really to get even? Yes, you won’t succeed. You might even carry through on the intention, but totally defeat your purpose. The consequences would continue to clash with your will, and you will feel punished and put upon. Your punisher is you. Your will wants what’s best for you. Your intentions, as very well practiced as they may be, can get you consequences that are very much the opposite. Eventually, with a long history of twisted intention, the “should” becomes filled with anger and steals what would be given freely which is the energy and life force of the will. These people are perhaps the truly lost. Will remains pitted against themselves. Their fear and desperation equating the pain of being out of touch with the will for the life force itself. They become spiritually, as well as maybe physically, masochists.

I see it in a lot of so called spiritual people. Claiming their intention is to help others, but you look at them and see their intention is no such thing. Yes. They get very caught up in their rules, and their dogma, and what was supposedly a means becomes an end in itself. It is a horribly twisted intention especially when they have followers. They likely won’t keep them long. They will either go out in a surge of drama, like a mass suicide, or all those followers will wander away. The best guru doesn’t want to be your guru, they just want the path. The best guru is very possibly the person you disagree with the most.

That kind of guru sect follower thing is not taking followers, it’s taking prisoners. Exactly. If you come to me for advice, I give it, and if it’s helpful for you, that’s fine. If you seek my advice frequently, and it’s continuously helpful for you, that’s also fine, but a dependency is not good. I have refused to give people advice before, because when I ask them what they want they say they don’t know. Am I being mean to them?

You are trying to be true to your will? Yes, and perhaps giving them the best advice I can in their moment by example. In some situations where the person is like that, I do something that seems even worse. I challenge them. They think I’m picking a fight, but I’m not. They can either see what I’m doing, or go. It is still their choice, or they can tell me to go. I am always happy to leave unless it’s my home. I practice my will, and respect those of others. Respect is not capitulation.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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