Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

Energy Sensitivity in Psychic Vampirism

Psychic Vampire

I am discussing psychic vampirism. I discuss a broad range of subjects and hit just about everything. It isn’t an endorsement or criticism of any practice or phenomenon.

Have you noticed that not everyone seems to have a normal energy cycle? They sleep irregularly and are sometimes energized when they should be fatigued? Energetically, we aren’t all balanced as nature would seem to prefer it for one reason or another. It’s my observation that most people are sort of like an atomic “breeder reactor”. They take in some energy, but produce more usable energy than they need. Some people who are like this will often take up practices like healing touch. They learn of how their energy benefits others.

Those who discover that they overflow with energy often also learn of how to best harmonize their energy with the people they help, and with their environment, and even manage it better so it will go where they intend it to and not go crazy. It will not get them in trouble or deplete them badly. A psychic vampire is the opposite of this. They aren’t necessarily evil, and do develop a sensitivity for energy if they are self aware.

They’re just hungry. Mana eaters. This is true, and though it would seem they could only harm, I would argue this isn’t true. In theory, those with the healers gifts are just as capable of harm as a psychic vampire or mana eater is, but there is a difference in their life experience. For the natural “healer” they tend to get mixed responses, but they hedge on the side of positive even if that makes them feel weird or bad. You can be praised too much.

Did you have a choice about your strong positive mana? Could you have chose not to be different? At times I rejected it. Did it go away because you rejected it? Left your awareness? It went into hiding, but there is a moment of acceptance one must do. Like you are taught your mana has come from such and such, then you have to accept that it is. A kind of spiritual handshake if you will.

Some things I keep to myself because people have pre-set opinions, but I have found there are people with too much energy. They energize other people and the environment. Some will be looking for an outlet for their energy, and will come let it out on you. Their energy isn’t harmonious, it’s irritating. Another person on the other hand will have harmonious mana.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Energy Sensitivity”

  1. Vampi

    What can a vampire say about energy? Being able to move energy is being able to move energy. The psychic vampire has the same gift as an energy healer, it’s often the case when one becomes balanced they can go into energy work!

    Energy eaters are often that way due to being drained themselves and in this way it gets passed down. Others just like the rush and feeling of power, these are the “bully” types usually who are portrayed in Celestine Prophesies. Their victims generally go on to become the other type, ragged souls who are always tired, and drain because they know they are missing something and want to feel “normal”.

    I saw the process in my family pretty clear. I see it in many situations, and the conditioning starts very young.Better understanding can stop this cycle, but people have to be willing to change. In my case it was clear that my own experience could switch depending on the situation, but once you get locked in a pattern it can be hard to get free.I’m sure the mechanism had a good purpose but anything good that goes out of balance can turn into a bad thing.

    There are also types who feed on select types of emotional energy. Depending on intent, these can be beneficial or harmful too.Quite often the ones who lose their flesh but were locked in a cycle try to continue, even without a body, by latching onto a host. Other types of unembodied can latch on too too, and both kinds can try to influence the host to produce whatever they “eat”.

    More aware energy eaters can actually be helpful in getting rid of unwanted emotional energy, and these you hear less about because they make people feel better, without knowing why. It’s safer most times not to say!

    Hope this is food for thought for the info-hungry!

  2. Scott

    There is nothing such such as an emotional vampire, there just seems to be. A common misconception.
    Some people seem to have lighter energy bodies and some have heavier. Heavy always transfers to lighter, eg a full cup and an empty cup. Afterward, the ‘heavy’ energy body will feel lighter and happier and the ‘lighter’ energy body will feel heavy and more down. So in fact, the so-called vampires energy was drained in the lighter being whom will take on energy of those heavier than themselves, without a conscious choice. This is a natural osmosis, like the full cup empty cup.
    Dense energy is produced by people thinking of themselves. Lighter energy is produced by people thinking less of themselves. If you believe you have a choice over having positive or negative energy think again. Those who believe they have a choice are re-enforcing the belief they are a somebody with choice, and are thinking about themselves therefore creating dense energy. Only the truly selfless have the lighter energy bodies.

  3. Angel

    Regarding Psi Vamparism.
    Thank you for discussing this topic in a balanced and more positive light.
    I was very happy to see that some people do view Psi Vamparism as one facet of the human experience. Not something to fear or hate.
    We are not evil or wreak havoc in order to drain the energy from others.
    There will always be a few people that give the rest of us a bad name but, most of us are no different than anyone else.
    We lead happy lives and dislike drama or negativity.
    When we need to recharge or” feed” we use willing friends/donors to help sustain our health.
    Many of us are skilled energy workers and psychics.
    I would be happy to answer any questions to dispel the myths and stereotypes around Psi Vamparism and to help foster a better understanding and acceptance.
    Peace and Light,

  4. esp

    I’ve encountered a couple of energy vampires and when I’m not wearing energetic protection I end up going straight from happy and energetic to nearly falling asleep on the spot. Generally I try to minimize my time around these sorts of people or at least use psychic protection when I can’t avoid them.

    Unfortunatly I’ve noticed that even the most effective psychic protection isn’t always effective when you are around this type of person for a prolonged period of time.

    My family conditioned me from a very young age to consider myself obligated to take on the heavier energy that other members of the family are carrying, it’s not vampirism but it’s left me so heavily drained that it’s amazing I didn’t turn to energetic vampirism as a result.

  5. Victim

    I’m sorry to discover that energy vampires may take up “energy work” practices such as reiki and healing touch in order to disguise and facilitate their feeding. I have had sessions with two such energy “healers”, who openly expressed how energized they felt after a session with me, while I was totally exhausted, frightening drained of energy for days. Never again.

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