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All things have a negative side. Every light casts a shadow. One can feel that they don’t entertain a thought, but you can’t avoid entertaining negatives. They are an inherent part of the equation that allows you to arrive at positives.

Energy Phases in Psychic Vampirism

Psychic Vampire

Consider a sunny day. The flowers are open. The sky is clear and maybe not too hot, and the birds are singing. This is the world with a normal balance of energy. Have any of you been to a place that seemed almost the opposite of this? It seemed to drink up your energy like it was rain? Some say this place is good, and that place is bad. This place dark, and that place light. In my experience this isn’t so. If anything, it’s like dark and light threads are interwoven, and every sunny happy life filled place has a dark mirror.

Have any of you had an event that occurred where you just felt moved to give? You didn’t know why, but you just had to help? Your energy went out into the world and made an impact? Ever notice that sometimes a cold chill passes through a place, and for a moment that light place seems very dark? I’m not talking about a person, but just a shift in the energy.

In the realism most people know, the world most people know, it’s basically a “sunny” world, and those dark energies seem strange and supernatural. Even Ireland, for example, has its life affirming phases. What is a “living” day in Ireland? When Ireland feels very alive? When things seem healthy and strong, and the earth right?

Last week, I got into my car. It was roasting. I opened the window and looked ahead. The field was full of many coloured flowers, and bees were content. The strong earth phase when the energy is strong in the earth.  The healthy verdant land.

Ever notice that in those dark shifts though they are spooky, something is very often balanced? Do they do harm? Our society teaches that anything that isn’t that strong earth phase is bad, doesn’t it? But are you familiar with earth energy lines? They are like veins, and does your blood always flow strong?

Do you mean how we try to avoid anything negative. Though “negative” emotions are part of life, it’s all a balance? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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