'Psychic Vampirism' Chapter

Psychic Vampire

Not everyone seems to have a normal energy cycle. One of the marks of a psychic vampire is that they are often quite polite, and very likely not draining you on purpose. For those psychic vampires who have some peace, and don’t learn that they are hated, they sort of learn what a light mana person has, but it’s sort of backwards. A psychic vampire tends to understand negativity very well. Dark can be night, or it can be abyss. If you feel that right now you are in darkness and away from home, feel uncomfy and lost. Go gently. Maybe look for a vampire. They might help you ditch some of that old burden and let more light in.

“When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.” Angelina Jolie (American Actress, b.1975)

Energy Sensitivity

I am discussing psychic vampirism. I discuss a broad range of subjects and hit just about everything. It isn’t an endorsement or criticism of any practice or phenomenon. Have you noticed that not everyone seems to have a normal energy… Seek More

Energy Phases

Consider a sunny day. The flowers are open. The sky is clear and maybe not too hot, and the birds are singing. This is the world with a normal balance of energy. Have any of you been to a place… Seek More

See In Darkness

The cane fields parted last night. One half went to the right, the other half to the left. A clear line was drawn. The darkness of that message was on its path. So you read this omen? As it was… Seek More

Psychic Drain

There are certain people that leave me feeling drained consistently.  Are they really draining me? What can I do about it? They may be, but are they draining you or taxing you? Hmmm, they don’t annoy me or anything like… Seek More

Dark Arts

I’m going to describe a scene. Tell me if any of you have dreamed of this. It’s like the real world, your house or whatever, but dark. Almost like night, but you can see everything. Sort of like objects glow,… Seek More

Dark And Light Mana

Let’s discuss problem psychic vampires. When unaware they tend to be angry people, and you can feel it because they don’t just drain you, they negate you. Even if they aren’t being mean to you, it is just very hard… Seek More

Light and Shadow

Light siders have aggression too by the way. So understand the other. Not every one who is dark is your enemy. Dark and light can be very intimate and mutually supportive.  When you are attacked by dark, including psychic vampires, recall… Seek More