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We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Dark And Light Mana in Psychic Vampirism

Psychic Vampire

Let’s discuss problem psychic vampires. When unaware they tend to be angry people, and you can feel it because they don’t just drain you, they negate you. Even if they aren’t being mean to you, it is just very hard to be present with them, though not all unpleasant people are psychic vampires. A psychic vampire always makes a big impact, but is the opposite of a light worker.

How does a light workers mana make an impact, and what do you see happen? In many ways it works. People feel good around me. I see changes in body language. Some accept, and some resist. I can see without hearing a word. The stronger the mana the more evident the impact.

And it probably fluctuates sometimes? Yes, a little. I have had people terrified of it. I have had people worship it.

For a psychic vampire, instead of people being enlivened, invigorated, and made to feel good, they instead are deadened, and find the person scary or aversive.

Clunk. Yes, and you will feel that clunk feeling.

Some people just broadcast “stay away”. Is it like that? Yes, though often they aren’t meaning to, but not everyone feels that way in the presence of a psychic vampire. The same way not everyone likes the feeling of the light mana.

Does the different energy attract some people? Yes, because it’s an opportunity to let go. They can let go of burdens into it. A light worker makes good things stronger. A psychic vampire can make bad things weaker.

It is a concept in homeopathy, fight something with ‘like’? It is.

What is my mana? It is the dark in the light of your being. Do you dislike it? I do not dislike your presence at all. I can control my darkness, and I haven’t developed the fear and even hatred many psychic vampires do.

Would you say there is normal mana, or is everyone balanced to extremes of healer or vampire? Degrees of course. So yes, even someone who feels normal, is maybe a bit one way or a bit the other.

Do you feel anything from the light worker? Hard to put into words, positive energy though. Restful.

And from me? More of a hidden energy I guess, darker. Again, hard to put into words. It‘s like a snake. An edge.

I can sense an open mind energy from you, perhaps even fascination. I sense intuition from another. She is sensing, and I get the impression of having visions and she is respecting it. And from another, I sense a similar fascination and even pride. She is radiating light at me. The other is too, but she is being like the sun. Radiating light at everyone.

I do it all the time. Yes, and you keep to your traditions when angered, so even your anger is an angry light.  From another I sensed very scattered light and darkness, like a broken disco light show. Spirit can be a child.

We all interact with this energy. So since we have, do you know how you orient toward it? Do you shine in the energy, or are you dark?

I want to say light, but I do have a dark side. Ah ok, this is easily resolved. When you think of truth, where does your mind go? I think of my teacher and lofty things. Light then. :smile:

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Dark And Light Mana”

  1. Mikal H.

    i have identified myself as a psy vamp for almost a year now. I hate to be known as this being with dark mana and a negitive impulse on others but i dont think i can control it. i want and strive to be good but longer i wait i can sense and feel a darker side in me. can you give me some advice please?

    • Travis

      Reality is dependent on a cycle of creation and elimination. It’s possible to find peace within this cycle regardless of your alignment. There’s a wisdom to be found in the darker side of the world’s power. To dedicate yourself to promoting harmony between darkness and light, you will only do good regardless of whether or not others can praise you for this. Psy vampirism does not dictate what energies you drain, so focus on draining destructive energies in other people and everyone will be better off.

  2. Maxwell

    I am wondering if you might be able to shed some light on my particular circumstance. I feel different from most people and tend to move away from most of them and when I have to be around them I tend to only tolerate them exept for a few people, although I tend to get along with people very well if I want to other people I seem to subconsciously, almost like being able to switch in between being a healer and a psychic vampire… Would be interested in your thoughts.

    • Travis

      You’re demonstrating a control of your energy fields polarity. While your affinity for some people rather then others remains constant, you have developed an ability to shift your psychic stance that other people often do not develop. Be certain to reconcile this ability to shift with your internal personal needs, otherwise what could be a gift would turn into a source of internal conflict as you pull between one polarity and the other.

      • maxwell

        Thank you, very helpful.

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