Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Witnesses to the Inner Light by Robert Gresak in Guest Articles

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There have been many, many witnesses down the centuries to the eternal light of the higher God-self. Well known or obscure, working at the forefront of human progress achieving the seemingly impossible in countless fields of endeavor for the ultimate benefit and upliftment of mankind, or toiling behind the scenes, unknown, unrecognized and often in great loneliness.

Nevertheless, together with those of like mind working prominently on the stages of life, they were the fashioners of the ‘new’ (though in reality there is nothing new under the sun) and the revolutionary. They are in a sense the earthly representatives of the preserver and destroyer aspect of cosmic law, Vishnu and Shiva, as they are termed in the Hindu cosmogony. Whether they were cognizant of this and to what degree they were soul conscious and whether they were aware of the existence of the spiritual hierarchy of the planet, is not really relevant. The important fact is that at the right time and according to the law of economy and because of their deep desire to aid and succour and bring men nearer to the realization of their own divinity, they were empowered to set in motion that which was necessary for the breaking up of all that which had crystallized and degenerated in human society. One has only to think of the spheres of religion, science, art and medicine to name a few. Thereafter did they then introduce the beginnings of the so called ‘new’, and through that the outpouring of their souls which were open and receptive to causal and intuitional levels of being, and in some cases to even higher levels.

Another important point is that these souls were not only witnesses to the inner light but were also witnesses to the darkness. This may seem a paradox and a contradiction to the foregoing. However, what is meant by this phrase is that they had known and experienced the ‘dark night of the soul’ (a phrase familiar to all seekers of the divine light) and which all seekers have to pass through at some stage of their pilgrimage. They were also at many times the target of the poisoned barbs of the Lords of the left hand path working through gullible and ignorant men.

So it can be said that they were indeed witnesses as well to the dark forces. It was far from easy for them to ignore even though they knew that their lives were anchored in the bedrock of divine love. They recognized their humanhood and were at times prey to the weaknesses and faults of that humanhood. Nevertheless, they wrestled mightily with their character flaws and the delusions and glamours of the outer world clinging to their faith, belief and soul wisdom and therefore eventually winning through. This attitude is beautifully illustrated in the words of the Lebanese poet and philosopher, Khalil Gibran, “The dewdrop mirrors the light because it is one with the light, and you reflect life because you and life are one. When darkness is upon you, say: ‘This darkness is dawn not yet born, and though nights travail be full upon me, yet shall dawn be born unto me even as unto the hills.'” Like every aspect of Mother nature, we to can be witnesses to the everlasting light. Does the flower, tree, valley or mountain question the light of the sun and its life giving rays? As seekers of the light of the soul and its ascension, we need to arm ourselves with that light and not give power to the darkness when it attempts to unseat us. Though we may not as yet see or hear on the inner planes, though we may not be the recipients of some great revelation or be totally unaware of our inner spiritual mentor, we are and can be channels for the light in all that we say and do, in our little acts of service until we are ready for the greater service when we shall expand from being shining dewdrops on the tree of life to incandescent suns.

This is ours and mankinds glorious destiny.

Robert Gresak
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

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