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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Inner and Outer Awareness in Awareness


What rules human behavior?

Greed? Fear? Personal needs vs. the pressure of other humans. All kinds of desire.

How about emotion? Does the rational mind ever really win out for very long or in any meaningful way?

Should it? Not necessarily, though some do think so.

You have an inner and an outer awareness. In your outer awareness you can rationally appraise situations, carefully consider choices, and measure the possible consequences of anything. In this process your mind selects for things that are to be treated as significant and other things that are to be disregarded. It’s really fairly binary. Maybe like machine language, your mind designates some things zero and other things one.

Sort of like conscious and subconscious? Exactly, except those terms imply a separation that doesn’t actually exist. The relationship is more like rooms in a house with not just one gate or door but many, and it’s at these gates that we experience radical changes in awareness, inner conflicts, paradigm shifts, spiritual visions, the whole spectrum of radical awareness. But do we experience this radical awareness as a matter of routine every day?

Not often. Why is that?

You would be mentally unstable if it did? Potentially. The mind without any balance can be remarkably destructive. Mind slides are much worse than landslides.

We’re like a blind person who navigates a room by memorizing the layout. We memorize life to navigate. Exactly, the memorization. The outer mind functions as a selective filter, limiting the range of things that really register in our awareness so that we can maintain a coherent or supposedly coherent picture of the reality around us. In theory, this can work well, and could serve a valid purpose. But in your daily life, how many people seem to have much awareness of anything other than the abstract and ultimately fictional systems that society conditions us for?

Many people make assumptions based on other people’s assumptions. Do they know how their life is going, or do they know how to do their jobs?

We get the job down. And often work ourselves into an early grave. The biggest threats to human health in modern society are stress related.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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