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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Virtualization is Realization in Awareness


Science doesn’t have to fail. Religion doesn’t have to fail. Society doesn’t have to fail, but it does have to stop seeing itself as “real”, as being a reality that is the one reality that should win out over any others, because it’s the “Truth.”

We have an urge to virtualize, because this is the nature of the human animal. We create rituals in imitation of a truth. We develop habits in imitation of a truth. We develop skills in imitation of a truth, but what is this truth we are trying to imitate? Thoughts?

The truth is what makes us aware. Those personal values. Actually, awareness is what we use to create truth. The cart stops if you get the horse behind it, and we do not create awareness, we are awareness. We have the need to virtualize because we are trying to realize self. Self-actualization (as Abraham Maslow termed it) is our core imperative. Virtualization is realization. It’s simply claiming the language of being, the experience of being, and using it knowingly to define your experience of the world around you.

You paint with colors that already existed, but you paint a picture that wasn’t at first there. You “exist” with elements that already existed, but your personal existence cannot and should not be defined by what was already there. There is something vaguely human that obeys all pre-existing conditions and rules of the environment around it. Can you guess what that is? A corpse. The corpse just rots. It doesn’t question the maggots intentions for it. It doesn’t use anything for itself.

I feel like dead sometimes. You don’t have to feel dead. It’s not really about being an original. There is no fixed state that you can be that is original, no single goal. It’s about originating rather than being an object of others creative effort alone. It’s more like feeling that cramped state, that “dead” or numb state, and just as the growing chick is driven to fight its way out of its shell, behave and move in ways that aren’t defined by simple animalism. To be animal isn’t a bad thing. To be stagnant… Stagnation is poison, and what do you call circulation in a very confined space? Stagnation. Water sloshing a bit in a cup is still stagnant water.

You can trust that imaginative awareness, that part of you that would dream more, and that finds unrest in the normal. That is just as much a vital part of you as your hands and feet. What would happen if you just right now cut all of those off? Have you died some?

It’s a quick way to lose weight. Oh, indeed, and to lose any ability to worry about weight loss at the same time. Very efficient solution to that problem.

I shared before the story of the nihilists suicide note. What failed for him was not the absence of meaning. It wasn’t a truth that lead him to kill himself. It was ignorance. We are here to visualize, to virtualize, and to do this according to our internal image. We are here to make a small portion of the world in our images as individuals. Does this sound blindly idealistic?

Humans are not accidental. Our intentions are our fundamental essence, our metaphysical genetics. They are so diverse because they are meant to cross pollinate. This is why our visions have to get out on the outside, so to speak, but really you can’t avoid that. We are diverse beings, and in our effort to keep in touch with reality, to keep down to earth, to do what we must, well, that choice gets out into the world around us also. It makes a world that reflects that view. Does this seem unreasonable to say?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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