'Awareness' Chapter

Inner Outer Mind

People are not what they think they are, but what they think … they are. Your individual awareness is like a body, and most people are down right anorexic on this level.

We don’t act only when the body acts. That’s not when an event begins and we are not the product of events that we have experienced. We are the producer of our experience. Your actions start before the event horizon of your body. Your actions are not predestined, but they are pre-chosen. Eventually, you can begin to see the core self. It’s a fluctuation energy, sort of like fire, and the airwaves or air currents moving through your core are what give rise to your impulses. You can control the flue.

“The world is not a problem; the problem is your unawareness” Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Indian Spiritual leader, 1931-1990)

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.” Billie Jean King (American Tennis Player b.1943)

“Awareness requires a rupture with the world we take for granted; then old categories of experience are called into question and revised.” Shoshana Zuboff

Self And Relationship

Individual awareness. Most people usually have a pretty firm conviction that they have it, but if you ask them who they are, can they list anything other than a set of relationships or activities? I’m a wife, a daughter, a… Seek More

Producer Of Our Experience

Have you much experience of yourself when you aren’t doing anything? If so, what is that like for you? I think a lot. Thinking counts as doing something so it blocks out individual awareness. Does the self go away when you… Seek More

Control The Flue

Everyone familiar at least in passing with biofeedback? It’s using the mind to alter the body functions. People think things happen to them, like sustaining a paper cut. That is something that happened to them, but our mental body dictates… Seek More

Read The Road Signs

Your inner awareness establishes what seem like rules. Even the most wild person still has repeating patterns in their lives. They don’t choose these patterns. The patterns come from the matrix of the self, or mind if your prefer. This… Seek More

Big World Of Mind

Individual consciousness could also be called meta-cognition. Thinking is like the lungs. You can direct them, and they will work on their own. They can also serve as a vector for the induction of foreign substances. Whether that’s wise or… Seek More

Inner and Outer Awareness

What rules human behavior? Greed? Fear? Personal needs vs. the pressure of other humans. All kinds of desire. How about emotion? Does the rational mind ever really win out for very long or in any meaningful way? Should it? Not necessarily, though some… Seek More

Free from Nothing

What do people really want in life? Pleasure. Freedom or so they claim. Balance. Security. Health. Freedom for what? Security in what? Health and balance in what? More like “from what”. Ah yes, that is how people think, freedom from things. This is perhaps… Seek More

Heart has a Mind

What do your dreams seem like to you? Fuzzy, indistinct. Warnings. Dreams are kind of like little TV shows, some stand out, some are forgotten. They are indeed much like stories, and nothing is ever completely forgotten. Some things are just… Seek More

Of Two Minds

We all have a bit of a problem on our hands don’t we? Seems like we are of two minds about most things, does it not? Ego and inner self? Yes, indeed. Frivolous and serious? Not frivolous. Those words are… Seek More

Purpose from the Inner Mind

How can we have health? Can someone else give it to us? Doctors can treat us. They can help our health, but only our inner state actually results in health or disease. In fact, what works as a medical assist… Seek More